[Deal] Canon 5D Mark II Now On Sale Less Than $2000

We don't usually put a lot of deals on the front of Fstoppers (we save those for our twitter account) but this one is simply too good to pass up. Right now BHvideo has the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera on sale for $1999 which is pretty close to the price of some of Canon's cropped sensor cameras. Who knows how long this will last or if this is a sign of a new camera coming or just a great holiday deal. Either way, if you need a 2nd camera or haven't made the jump to full frame, this might be the best time to snag one of these up. We will try to update our Holiday gear guide as more sales pop up or if you find some, send them to us on twitter or in the comments below. Happy holidays everyone!

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James Robertson's picture

It's been this price in Canada for months.

Patrick Hall's picture

really?  I can't imagine Canada having a lower price but if so....well I need to start buying from Canada :)

James Robertson's picture

I don't get it either, even my heavily overpriced local photo store had it for $1999 body only, Henrey's here had the deal since (I believe) early november, it was really weird to see used prices online higher than local new prices for a while there. I think it had to do with overstocking more than a new model coming soon.

Canon has been running a special on certain models in Canada since October. Lucky for me I was traveling through at the time and my last camera had just died.

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I like how y'all implemented Lee's IPhone photoshoot picture on the screen of the camera. 

Looks like the MK3 is coming out ;). Trying to sellout outta the MK2

I just want to say thanks for posting this.  I just opened mine today, which happens to be my birthday.  The present you buy yourself is always the best one!  And to get it with a really good memory card and the bag is a nice bonus.  I'm not sure I would have bought the bag, but I sure will use the card.  16GB Extreme Pro is top of the line from SanDisk.  A $125 USD value for the bag and card on B&H makes the real price of the camera $1875 USD.  Sweet deal.

Anybody want to buy a gently used 5D classic?  lol