Dell Announces the New XPS 17 Laptop for Creators

Dell announced two new XPS models with optional 4K Ultra HD screens, supporting 100% Adobe RGB and 94% DCI-PC color gamuts. In terms of specs and performance, the 17-inch model will be the biggest rival of the new 16-inch Macbook Pro.

Design and Display

On the outside, the new XPS 17 has slim bezels on the display, which reduces its size to a standard 15-inch laptop’s dimensions. According to Dell, the new XPS 17 is smaller than 48% of the 15-inch laptops on the market. The standard FHD display supports 100% sRGB and the optional 4K Ultra HD+ touch display supports 100% Adobe RGB color gamut and both displays are covered with anti-reflective Corning Gorilla Glass 6.


All other ports that came standard on previous XPS models are removed and replaced by four Thunderbolt 3 ports with power delivery and DisplayPort, a full-size SD card reader and a 3.5mm headphone and microphone combo jack. Dell also includes a USB-C to USB-A 3.0 and HDMI 2.0 adapter with the laptop.

Processor, Storage, and RAM

This compact 17-inch model comes with the newly introduced Intel 10th gen mobile processors and Nvidia graphic cards. For the processor, you can choose between Intel i5-10300H (4-core), Intel i7-10750H (6-core), Intel Core i7-10875H (8-core, up to 5.10 GHz,) and Intel i9-10885H (8-core up to 5.30 GHz) processors. The storage can be upgraded from 256 GB SSD, up to 2 TB SSD and the total memory can be upgraded up to 64GB DDR4.


In addition to the dedicated Intel UHD Graphics 630, you can either choose 4GB Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti or the RTX 2060 with 6GB memory. The base model can be upgraded to an 8-core i7 processor equipped with an Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU and the memory can be upgraded to 64GB DDR4 in total. The vapor chamber cooling design on the XPS 17 will provide sufficient cooling when performing heavy tasks, so it will be ready for both CPU and GPU intensive tasks.

The XPS 17's shipping date and price hasn't been revealed yet, but according to Dell, it is going to be on the market this summer.

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It looks like a portable beast!

Shitty design concept, imitating a Macbook Air. That thing will be overheating and throttling down all the time, if not shutting down outright, especially on the hungry CPUs and GPUs. Using only Thunderbolt 3 was stupid too, especially when there's still room 1 or 2 USB 3 ports. It's good to have direct backwards port compatibility without the need to jump hoops.

Dysfunctional hipster toy.

This comment is wildly ignorant.
Since when has Apple put a 17 inch laptop in a 15 inch form factor? The Macbook Air is nowhere near that level of design or power. And at some point, we've got to stop pretending that a thin computer is an Apple copy. That's just the design language of non-gaming focused laptops. And if you were paying attention, they've implemented a vapor chamber cooling solution that should be plenty capable of maintaining high performance. Also, Thunderbolt 3 may have been a bad move four years ago, but at this point, there are a wealth of accessories supporting usb-c/TB3 configuration and subsequently providing better performance because of it.

This computer is near perfection.

You missed the point. I suggest you buy this laptop then.

i'll take my personal dell over my work MacBook Pro any day. and how is it copying exactly? also, I guess you didn't read that its thermal management is going use a vapor chamber to dissipate heat which does a way better job than standard fans and if you really wanted to reduce heat you can undervolt and apply themal paste. ohh and i didn't know you could upgrade your SSD? ohh wait you can't your limited in the SSD department. and the RTX 2060 is not that power hungry of a GPU. before you bash a PC do your HW on it. and no this is not coming from a PC lover who hates apple. i own both a Macbook and a PC and they both have their merits and i use both everyday.

Even though the "physical performance" of vapor chamber is great, the lack of basic USB ports is a pain in the ass (NO, the whole world is not on USB-C so far !) : always have to carry freakin' adapter.

The other thing is how long can the vapor chambre handle heavy load for a continuous time without having the fan going full throttle and the CPU slowing down ? The previous XPS were crippled fast under heavy loads ...

Last thing is that expensive laptop always get great discount at the end of life : get the previous XPS for cheap instead...

Thanks for filling in the blanks. Hey, let 'em buy one. ;-)

17 inch laptops are BIG . . . bordering on being not portable . . . AND if you frequent manufacturers sites over the years, you will see that 17 inch laptops are usually the first to get a substantial price cut.

The point? whether you want this or not . . . wait a year . . . it will probably be selling with a very large discount (because nobody bought any in the first place).

I think you forgot to read the part that it’s the size of a 15” laptop...just like MBP’s new 16” screen is the same size as a 15” MBP thanks to a thinner bezel.

and a thin bezel 15" is that much smaller. maybe in your universe 17 is smaller than 15, but in the real world, no, it isn't

i think you did not read it right. it will be smaller than 48% of the15 inch laptops out on the market right now. and the 15 will be smaller than that. the specs as of right now for xps 17 are.

14.7 x 9.7 inches and its height is 1.95 cm when closed

2020 Macbook Pro16 inch

14.09 x 9.07 inches and 1.62 cm when closed

so for not that more width and depth you get aa full inch of screen. i think i will take the dell plus its a 16:10 aspect ratio instead of the standard 16:9

You're still missing it. The display has a 16:10 aspect ratio, with vastly reduced side and top bezels and virtually no bottom bezel, allowing for the overall footprint of the laptop to be roughly that of the average 15" laptop but with a 17" screen. It's not even an exaggeration, there are visual comparisons all over the web.

Looks good and worthy of consideration. The addition of 1-2 USB 3.2 ports would ave ben good as I am no fan of dongles. They should have learnt that from the new Apple MBP debacle.

I wonder how long will it take before the 8-core Intel thermal throttles?