In-Depth Review of the DJI Ronin-S

DJI’s new gimbal system is set to be a winner. How do its most important features translate to real world situations?

Faruk from iPhonedo guides us through his opinion of the Ronin-S in my favorite video since it was released. Basically he runs through every feature, and explains why the user will want it. I can appreciate that he’s able to show off the app so well too (by using an iPhone mockup).

While I'm loving DJI's latest efforts, there's a growing concern of mine. From watching this, it still makes me concerned that the Ronin-S might be a little unwieldy. I can’t imagine this would be an easy rig to hold all day, especially if you’re a smaller shooter. Perhaps that’s because we’re looking at a Sony a6500 here instead of a larger and more proportional camera.

Unfortunately he doesn’t compare it to the Zhiyun Crane 2, leaving that for a later video. This is obviously the form factor of choice, but part of me misses the Ronin-M. Now that DJI has effectively replaced the Ronin-M with the Ronin-S, it seems like professionals will need to turn to a Movi or Ronin 2 rig to get similar in-app support from DJI.

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Anthony Cayetano's picture

Would love it if only it can support Sony on the Pull Focus features... hopefully soon.

Raymond Craig's picture

Agreed! That feature compatibility would make this a must buy for me.

Michael Kuszla's picture

It looks so great, but after reading some posts on the DJI forum, it seems to have several issues on Nikon Bodies. I hope they could fix it.