First Impressions on the Fujifilm GFX 100S

Fujifilm has announced their follow-up to their impressive medium format system and fourth camera in the GFX range, but does it impress?

My odes to Fujifilm's GFX range have been more frequent in recent weeks, including in a large original piece about why the GFX 100 is more impressive than it's given credit for. The GFX 50R and 50S were brilliant cameras and have aged incredibly well. The GFX 100 then took it even further, with an enormous 102-megapixel sensor, 5-axis image stabilization, and more video options, among other things. It was an utter joy to use, but it came with a few downsides. The most obvious of these were the price and the camera's physical dimensions. That is, it was (and currently still is) $9,999 and a large and heavy piece of kit. The rumored GFX 100S aimed to do everything the GFX 100 did, but reduce the size of the device significantly, among some other small changes. Then, they would lower the price by a whopping $4,000.

I wrote a few weeks ago that it seemed almost too good to be true, but lo and behold, here it is. The GFX 100S has the same 102-megapixel sensor and almost identical spec, including access to the new 400-megapixel Pixel Shift Multi-Shot mode, and it is indeed, $5,999. This is a very competitive medium format camera, with a spec and price ratio unseen before now.

What do you make of the GFX 100S? Will you be buying one?

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Otto Schlemmer's picture

i will definitely order one. not because i NEED one, but because i WANT one ;)

Tammie Lam's picture

What lenses are you getting for it?

Robert Gaskin's picture

I will get one, or two, if my wife lets me.....