Fujifilm Announces the X-H2 Mirrorless Camera, XF 56mm f/1.2 R WR Lens, and GF 20-35mm f/4 R WR Lens

Fujifilm Announces the X-H2 Mirrorless Camera, XF 56mm f/1.2 R WR Lens, and GF 20-35mm f/4 R WR Lens

Fujifilm users of all kinds have reason to be happy, as the company has announced a new mirrorless camera, a new X Series lens, and a new GFX Series lens.

Fujifilm X-H2

The X-H2 comes with a new 40.2-megapixel back-illuminated X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor, the highest resolution ever in an X Series camera. Along with that headline feature, users will enjoy:

  • X-Processor 5
  • 8K 30p video internal Apple ProRes video in 4:2:2 10-bit
  • 12-bit 8K 30p raw video output with external recorder
  • F-Log2 with over 13 stops of dynamic range
  • Up to 30 minutes of recording
  • 4K video oversampled from 8K with up to 2x digital zoom with no loss of resolution
  • Minimum ISO of 125
  • Extremely fast minimum electronic shutter speed of 1/180,000 s
  • Pixel Shift Multi-Shot for 160-megapixel images
  • 15 fps bursts using mechanical shutter, 20 fps with electronic shutter
  • HEIF format support for 30% size reduction from JPEG
  • Subject-detection autofocus with deep learning for animals, birds, people, cars, bicycles, planes, trains, and motorcycles
  • 5-axis in-body image stabilization
  • 5.76-million-dot EVF with 0.8x magnification and 120 fps refresh rate
  • 79 weather-sealed points
  • Optional cooling fan and battery grip
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB-C, HDMI micro Type D

  • Dual card slots

Look for the X-H2 in late September for $1,999.

XF 56mm f/1.2 R WR

The XF 56mm f/1.2 R WR updates the popular portrait lens with a range of improvements:

  • 11 dipahragm blades for a nearly perfectly circular aperture for particularly clean edges along highlights with minimal aberrations and particularly nice bokeh
  • 13 elements in 8 groups
  • Two aspherical elements and one ED element
  • High-refractive technology
  • Minimum focusing distance of 50 cm
  • Dust- and moisture-sealing
  • Fluorine coating

Look for the XF 56mm f/1.2 R WR in late September for $999.

GF 20-35mm f/4 R WR

Finally, the GF 20-35mm f/4 R WR offers medium format shooters a compact ultra-wide angle zoom.

  • 16-28mm equivalent focal length range
  • 14 elements in 10 groups
  • Three aspherical, one ED aspherical, and three ED elements for reduced distortion and chromatic aberrations and increased sharpness
  • Nano GI coating for reduced flares and ghosting and deeper contrast
  • 4.4 inches (112.5 mm) long
  • 25.6 oz (725 g)
  • 82mm filter thread
  • Weather-resistant design with 12 sealed points

Look for the GF 20-35mm f/4 R WR in late October for $2,499.

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Adam Palmer's picture

Wow. I've never owned a fuji but those are some class leading spec in that price range.

Stuart C's picture

I do and they are great cameras. This new sensor looks epic.

Adam Palmer's picture

If you count a 6x9 rangefinder I shot with in the 90s I guess I have used fuji :) I had to think for a while.

Stuart C's picture

Maybe pick up a cheap one like the X-T20 and a couple of primes to see how you like it. The tech is obviously older but the fun factor isn’t..

Anthony Mcdonald's picture

With Canon's newly announced policy on 3rd party lenses , this new fuji is a firm favourite to to replace my aging 7dmkii wildlife setup.

Jake Covington's picture

Just pre-ordered the 20-35 for my GFX. That's gonna be awesome!

Michael Holst's picture

I'm excited for all the used prices on the current 56mm 1.2 to drop! The current one is still no slouch.