Guy Creates Apple Vision's UI on a Meta Quest

The Apple Vision Pro has been described as "magical" compared to other VR headsets. What sets the Vision Pro apart is not just its impressive displays, apps, and comfort, but primarily its user interface (UI) that relies on eye- and hand-tracking. 

The YouTuber ThrillSeeker, an experienced VR enthusiast, realized that although underutilized, the Meta Quest Pro has the eye- and hand-tracking necessary to replicate Apple's UI. After intense coding and testing, he was able to produce an Apple-like UI without any hardware changes. Although not without its flaws, it successfully demonstrates the potential of a more immersive and intuitive VR UI. 

This goes to show just how incredible Apple is at building simple, intuitive user experiences. Many headsets have the hardware to pull this off, but Apple was the first to put it into practice. VR controllers will probably be necessary for complex tasks like gaming, but for your average VR experience, your hand is the obvious choice. 

Just like the iPhone killed the stylus, we are certainly about to see a shift toward hand and eye navigation in VR headsets of the future. 

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