Hands on With the Brand New Nikon Z fc: A Modern Classic?

Nikon’s newest Z-mount camera draws on Nikon’s heritage and the design of the Z fc is heavily influenced by the ultra-classic FE launched back in 1978. Does it feel as good as it looks?

Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake of DPReview TV give you a tour of a pre-production version of the Z fc and while we don’t have any images to play with as yet, we can get an idea of how this camera will feel in the hand. Niccolls is clearly a fan of the retro-inspired styling and given the success of both Olympus and Fujifilm in making digital, mirrorless cameras that feature large dials, Nikon may have made a smart decision in creating a body that offers a tactile and satisfying shooting experience.

The body will also appeal to those new to photography with the dials potentially offering an easier understanding of the relationship between shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Controlling the camera requires a slightly more involved interaction with the settings with the changes immediately visible on a physical dial rather than merely being displayed on a screen, giving a very different user experience.

A question some will now ask is whether Nikon should consider creating a full frame equivalent. As an entry-level option, the Z fc definitely has a lot of appeal, both to beginners as well as anyone who appreciates that a camera can look and feel good while also producing excellent images. Whether that translates up to something more expensive remains to be seen.

Will be placing an order? Should Nikon make a full frame version? Let us know in the comments below.

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Roger Morris's picture

Retro "anything" has always found some degree of popularity, but it's not ever really changed its associated "playing field".
Ultimately, this Nikon will likely prove to be but another blip on the digital camera landscape.

I was very fond of my Nikon FE when I owned it, and I kind of regret ever selling it ... but the FE ergonomics transferred (kind of) onto a digital camera doesn't seem particularly compelling overall.

Rob Pul's picture

I think it's a very good move to expand the Z-system user base that will generate enough interest to justify adding an FF version.

paul aparycki's picture

What is the point?

Oh yeah, I forgot. A lot of "photographers" think a camera is a piece of clothing.

Matt Edwards's picture

One reason I like it is the additional manual controls. I hate that camera bodies are getting so small and going away from manual controls towards touch screen / digital controls. Manual controls are much easier and user friendly IMO