Hands-On With the New Godox AD300 Pro Outdoor Flash

Godox has a new flash about to hit the shelves: the AD300 Pro. This short video goes hands-on with the new wireless, battery-powered strobe, running through the specifications and testing it at home under coronavirus lockdown shooting conditions.

This short video from Chris Ord should give you a clear idea of what to expect from this compact, 300-watt strobe. The size and weight — a mere 44 oz (1.25 kg) — are certainly impressive, and Godox promises 320 full-power flashes from a single battery.

You can read a full list of the specifications here, though one statistic is missing: the lumens offered by the 12-watt modeling lamp. It offers a color temperature range between 3,000 K and 6,000 K, and the brightness is variable in stops of 1 to 10, but the exact output is not mentioned. This lamp will be one of the main reasons to choose the AD300 over the AD200, and customers will be keen to know exactly how it performs.

The AD300 Pro is expected to retail at £465 in the UK, with a price of around $499 in the U.S.

Would you upgrade from an AD200? Does this look like an affordable alternative to the Profoto B10? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Tony Clark's picture

An interesting product, I would consider it when I add to my Profoto Acute kit since I saw an adapter for Profoto modifiers is available.

Motti Bembaron's picture

I would love to consider it but only when I actually have work again :-)
...and that looks to be a while...
I have the AD200, these guys know how to build a strobe.



Same here. I also have the pro series battery packs and I just can't bring myself to buying the new B10 plus from profoto at that cost.

Nathaniel Downes's picture

Can we stop calling this an "outdoor" flash? It clearly works indoors as well! Just say that it can be powered by a battery. That is what your trying to say, right?

Jeff McCollough's picture

It's because most Youtuber photographers only use it cuzz they only know how to shoot blurry background portraits while "overpowering the sun".

Chris Diller's picture

I would really really want these if they had a brighter modeling lamp. I recent found 12w bulbs to swap out on my studio lights and they are usable, but something like the 30 and LEDs that come on the ad400pro and 600pro would be much more effective. I shoot a lot of art so I'm polarizing the light, with the old school bulbs I cant leave the modeling lamps on, as they will just burn the polarizing gels.

I'd compact is the need then this is a great option.

Spy Black's picture

They just released a high powered studio pack too. Godox is out to take over the world.

Adam Palmer's picture

Not much info in that video

Tammie Lam's picture

Can anyone please tell if it fits into the Broncolor Para adapter for Profoto assuming the light stand mount is removed? Basically if it has the same diameter as the standard Profoto mount (~100mm)? I looked at the specs and they say 190x100x90. If the diameter is 90mm it won't fit of course...