How Does the Nikon Z 6 Hold Up After 250,000 Photos?

The Nikon Z 6 has been on the market for a while now, and the Z system has begun to work its way into the hands of more and more professionals. This great video features a photographer discussing his thoughts on the camera after logging 250,000 images on his Z 6.

Coming to you from Taylor Jackson, this excellent video review features his thoughts after a quarter of a million photos taken with his Nikon Z 6. Along with the Z 7, the Z 6 is one of the first two cameras in Nikon's Z series of mirrorless cameras. The Z system is notable for its large-diameter and short-flange mount, which expands the lens design possibilities over the F mount. Meanwhile, the Z 6 features a 24.5-megapixel sensor with a native ISO range of 100-51,200, 273 phase detection AF points across 90% of the frame, 5-axis sensor stabilization, 4K video at up to 30 fps with N-Log and 10-bit HDMI output, a magnesium alloy body with weather-sealing, an 0.80x 3.6-million-dot EVF, tilting touchscreen, and 12 fps continuous burst. Altogether, the Z 6 seems to be quite a balanced camera that could be a great all-around option for lots of pros in a variety of genres. Check out the video above for Jackson's full thoughts. 

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Pete Not's picture

Photographer sponsored by Nikon and supported by Nikon reviews the Nikon camera and claims it amazing. Look... I'm a Nikon shooter and use the Z 6 too, it's my fave camera, it genuinely is amazing (apart from low-light focus). Taylor seems like a good dude, respect to his work and his attitude, but this isn't an unbiased "review", it's a sales promo. Thanks for sharing though, opened my world to Taylor's work.

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It's missing that sponsored tag

super steel_'s picture

"but this isn't an unbiased "review", it's a sales promo"

I dont watch his videos anymore.

Deleted Account's picture

Someone had to say it.


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It is 100% sales promo, 0% review. Camera companies should just stop paying for their so-called reviews. It is dishonest to title any video a "Review" if it is made by a sponsored person.

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It's probably a decent camera, I just worry that Nikon is going to go bankrupt at some point -- the financial reports its been putting out have been getting worse and worse

Deleted Account's picture

Happening with all manufacturers right now. Have you seen Sony numbers?

Dale Karnegie's picture

yeah but the other manufacturers like sony and canon are multinational corporations with a diversified range of products. Nikon has imaging and that's about it...

Fritz Asuro's picture

Uhm no. Nikon has other divisions too.

Dale Karnegie's picture

They have a small amount of diversification; but it's not at the same level as canon or sony. In other words, Nikon is more heavily reliant on imaging to stay afloat than any of the other two. that's what's worrisome in the current climate

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I share that fear, but Nikon is huge in medical imaging - could be a thing. :-)

Bernie Bros's picture

Also huge and unparalleled in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Few industries are as guaranteed to continue growing as that.

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Uri Raz's picture

I doubt a manufacturer's diversified range of products would make a big difference. It would help carry the camera division through a short term crisis, e.g. COVID-19, but it wouldn't keep the division running in face of long term losses.

Once upon a time companies could make a stable revenue stream from film, printing, P&S cameras, etc. Digital & smartphones killed most of those markets, with exceptions like Sony making sensors for smartphones.

Cameras & lenses got good enough for people to use them till it breaks, so manufacturers will have to make a profit on a low volume of sales, or close shop.

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nikon has other divisions but money wise, nikon is the smallest of all the companies. dont look at popularity. they are the most in danger. they showed bad numbers for their last quarter but it isnt figuring in april may and june which will be far worse. as unemployment is through the roof. people havent worked and no events to shoot. people are selling their gear in fb groups and people dont give likes or even ask questions from interest. its still quite smack dab in the middle of the crisis.
only after the doors reopen and a few months of getting the ball rolling will there start to be a shift.

dying to see CIPA stats for april. march fell off a cliff and april will be no sales. may june july will be very bad. there is a delay so we will see it dropping down over the next few months.

this is not a "yay were open everything is happy and pink"
2007 is going to look like $5,000 overdraft vs what well see with c19. wait and see.
imo, usa will not have a 2nd wave as it will continue this intensity right into fall. numbers are not falling significantly to slow it down. everyone close together no masks. its going to be bad for a while. there may be a slight decrease and fall will get a slight bump

in our country we pretty much are over it. around 20 people a day infected. 3700 still active. but the public adhered to the rules very seriously. unlike the USA

poor medical people who unnecessarily have to treat more people then needed because no distance no mask.

Bernie Bros's picture

What a bunch of nonsense. The purpose of lockdowns and distancing is to prevent a surge from overwhelming hospital capacity and “flatten the curve”. No hospitals, even in New York City ran out of ventilator or bed capacity. No one died waiting in line. Unlike in your precious EU.

You repeat the same talking points as left wing US media as if you define the country by what MSNBC has to say. Your bigotry and contempt for the US are apparent. I’ve spent significant time in Europe and know your type. A pathetic little person with limited life prospects “builds” themselves up by insulting the “big bad USA”.

Keep going, little man.

Erpillar Bendy's picture

Bernie Bros, your very username is dishonest. You're not a Bernie Bro in any sense, so you're obviously trying to fool people with the name. Many people died of the virus in the USA who didn't have to die, thanks to inept leadership and sometimes overwhelmed medical systems. Just look up "NYC nurse says patients are dying to mismanagement and negligence" on YouTube. Or "Stricken coronavirus nurse: ‘Gross negligence’ has patients dying at NYC hospitals" on, which is not left wing media. Or "Coronavirus: The lost six weeks when US failed to contain outbreak" on Compare deaths in the USA to deaths in countries the essentially beat coronavirus thanks to effective leadership and planning.

Alfonse Diantonio's picture

Why mr. Bros his name not honest? Please explain. Thanks!

Dale Karnegie's picture

I downvote anyone who starts talking politics on these forums. Everything everyone posts is dripping in their own personal biases -- written purely to defend their chosen "political team" or to try to invalidate some news source that doesn't fit their personal opinion.

this is not the place for it. and, frankly, most posts just demonstrate the poster isn't smart enough to even have these discussions.

stick to photography when you're here; visit your echo chamber of choice when you want to talk politics online. everyone will be a lot happier.

Alfonse Diantonio's picture

Hi I see you are talking to other people but you have still not responded to me. Please write back to my earlier questions instead of yelling at other people and being a nasty angry person to Mr. Steel ok? Thanks!


Alex Yakimov's picture

z6 is a lovely camera with only a few things to be improved: ev lag, responsiveness (time to focus, adjust WB and exposure), af accuracy. build quality could be a bit better as well. overall I am happy with it as is...

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"How Does the Nikon Z 6 Hold Up After 250,000 Photos?"
I expected an answer to this question. But there is none! How is the wear, e.g.

jim hughes's picture

And this is why I don't watch videos. The longer the video, the less likelihood it will actually have a point.

Celso Mollo's picture

"with mixed light, I can get something pretty... (I better not say good as Nikon just paid me for an incredible assignment and I want another one) GREAT."

Bernie Bros's picture

Hey Nikon, I can write “Fantastic!” at least three times in a review for any free product you send me!

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Yes, it is a biased sales piece by someone who was paid by Nikon to produce it. That must be taken into account when watching the video. Not too much really useful information. It is a stretch to call this a "review".

However, what he says is likely true for him. He likely believes what he is saying. I noticed the way he shoots in the video. Single AF most of the time, focus and recompose. Stationary, and slow moving subjects with low frame rates.

He shoots it like an old DSLR. So yes, this camera works great for him. He never runs into the deficiencies in the Z cameras that make them less competitive with the other mirrorless cameras that have advanced performance, and AI features. The Z 6 is a good match for him because of his shooting style. But, it is not competitive as an all arounder in comparison to other offerings.

The latest firmware absolutely improved things, but in many ways the Z cameras are still a third place offering. Hopefully better things are coming from my historically favorite brand. Nikon.

Also, just a few of weeks ago he said that the D750 is also the best buy in cameras available. So that seems to be just an expression he throws around rather than a considered title he bestows.

Here at about minute 2:10