This Is How Your Digital Camera's CCD Chip Works

I enjoy new technology and I also love to know how my gadgets actually work. I constantly find myself watching Bill Hammack's videos on Youtube because he does a fantastic job of explaining extremely complicated things in a way that I can understand. In this video "The Engineer Guy" explains the technology behind our digital cameras.

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He's the Bill Nye science guy for Adults!  

Wow... that was incredibly informative and specific!

very nice... never had an idea how the digital camera works before....

Now i just want a foveon sensor in my D200... 

All right! I've already started to cut off some aluminum strips. Once I find a slab of silicon I'll turn my F5 into a digital cam...

 I love my Nikon F5. Built like a Tank. Perfect exposure every time.

So, how does a CMOS (that all newer DSLR's, except MF cameras, use) work? :3