[Last Chance] Win Pocket Wizard Plus IIIs And The Art Behind The Headshot

Earlier this month we announced a contest where we are giving away 3 Pocketwizard Plus III units and a copy of Peter Hurley's The Art Behind The Headshot ($700 value). We are entering in the final week of the contest so be sure to hit the full post to read how you can enter. We will pick a random winner May 1st and make the announcement here on Fstoppers. Good luck to everyone who enters; someone is going to be pretty excited next week!

Unless you've been hiding from those killer tracker jacker bees, you probably know Pocket Wizard recently announced their new Flagship Pocket Wizard Plus III radio trasceivers. After we reviewed them, we liked them so much that we decided to give away 3 units before they even hit the shelves! And if that wasn't enough, we are pairing up the radio triggers with a free copy of Peter Hurley's The Art Behind The Headshot!

So what do you have to do to win these yet to be released Pocket Wizards? The contest is very straightforward: Simply follow Fstoppers on Twitter and tweet or retweet the following message between now and May 1st, 2012:

"Follow @fstoppers and retweet this message to win 3 PocketWizard Plus IIIs and Peter Hurley's DVD http://bit.ly/HzRDOE"

After May 1st, we will pick one lucky twitter follower and the winner will receive a digital download copy of Peter Hurley's acclaimed The Art Behind The Headshot as well as 3 Pocket Wizard Plus III Transceivers. The contest is open to anyone worldwide and there is no age limit for this contest.


If you like contests you may also want to check out our camera giveaway that is also ending on May 1st. You could win a Nikon D800 or a Canon 5D Mark III

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feel free to send those my way for testing :)

Marcin's picture

twitter? no thanks

twitter, no thanks rather buy them

Fernando Gregory's picture

these are amazing prizes but it would be far more interesting to make photography contests for this kind of stuff (I mean giving away randomly a d800 or mkiii on facebook?) don't get me wrong you have an incredible site on your hands, I'm even saving to buy the Peter Hurley DVD but these twitter and facebook contests are getting way too repetitive.

Patrick Hall's picture

We just like the idea of a random winner.  If someone submits an amazing studio shot then perhaps they don't need the camera as much as someone else.  

the winner of the giveaway clearly didn't need a new one also XD

I really do hope the future giveaway contests( if there will be ) will concentrate on aspiring, budding, emerging photographers who really need the equipment. anyway, thanks for the opportunity on the contest :)

I take back what I said about he didn't need the new cam. I saw his comment and wow he was clearly the one for it. I feel good now that someone who really need it, got it. :)

Plus, we just recently gave away over 15k in photo gear for the best BTSV... Only 120 people submitted videos.

RUSS's picture

I cannot speak for all others who didnt post a video. But for me, I was simply out classed by the submissions.I don't have a creative video making bone in my body.
AND BELIEVE ME I could have used any of the Nikon camera body prizes for my free family portraits weekends. ( My D2x body has almost reached 190,000 shutter actuations. LOL i almost crapped when i saw the count 188,000+)But i just didn't want to emberass myself.Be that as it may, Lee and Patrick, you're doing really awesome stuff here on fstoppers. :)
I LOVE IT!Keep going !

To be honest, I'm not surprised by what you think is a low entry number - personally, I feel there is a steeper (than with stills photography) learning curve to video, and it takes a lot of practice to produce good results. Not to mention getting to grips with other things like audio, and that you also have to be a good story teller, etc. (even with something like a BTS video).

I know that creativity and talent counts for more than just equipment, but basing it on the "best" entry does mean that a more experienced photographer is more likely to win, and that is someone who may already have this sort of equipment (or even be able to afford to buy it anyway).

Having a "random" winner levels the playing field and means someone with lower end gear and less talented (or experienced), but no less deserving, is in with a chance.

Tam Nguyen's picture

No one's really forcing you to enter these contests, nor to read these posts. If you think you already have the best gear there is, or don't have the need for them, no need to tweet or retweet. Just go on your merry way and call it a day. Don't hate, appreciate.

Retweet done :)

fer gregory, aint nobody forcing you to participate in these giveaways if you dont like how they're being handled. you see, the problem with "the best photo gets the camera" giveaways is that usually, in order to take a good photo, you most likely already own a good camera. So giving it randomly is giving the little guy a fighting chance. Which I believe to be a good thing.

Yes Wraji nobody is forcing anybody to participated but everyone also has the rights to extern their opinion and thoughts here ... Patrick can erase them later if he will. 
However, several of us will loose the opportunity (like me) 'cause we don't like to be "forced" by hide scams that Facebook does to get more and more informations about us ...  as vampires - the law "forces" them to "be invited" to USE your data (even though they have the banks there ... but they can't USE IT!).

SO DUDE, if you don't like people asking for "a better fair participation" (and very polite request I have to say Fer was) because we think the word-of-mouth until today was an amazing spread for the FStoppers, several of us also are tired of BROWN NOSES trying to play "good-boys" but also without pay attention on their great (old) posts ... for instance, the one Lee proved we don't need to have a good camera in order to take a good photo.

BTW Lee ... still waiting you use a OLYMPUS for a fashion shoot ... iPhone was too easy!   

Denise Tausig's picture

Awesome! I am following you and already tweeted. Thanks for the contest!

Woo Hoo for someone special!  I don't tweet, but I do FB and posted there....Thanks for the contest though!!!  Get to tweeting if you tweet...it is a sweet prize!!!  :)   ~Lisa from CapturedbyLisaMarie.com

Yusuf Gunawan's picture

I love all of the giveaway that you guys have. Thank you.

Not a twitter guy, thanks  

 I'm personally pumped for these contests. Being someone new to the photog community,and going out to shoot every day in order to become better...these contests give me the chance to win some better gear that is out side of my price range. While gear doesn't always make the photographer, it does help and is always nice.
If you can shoot stuff for "best photo" style contests...again, you probably don't need the gear where I would have a hell of a time in that.

Alex A. Zaramenskikh's picture

I'm dreamin' about PW =)

RUSS's picture

:) Nothingwrong with the contests at all.  I too am one that doesn't like facebook or twitter.I post on them to make friends smile. But am not addicted to them. My twitter account, until this contest, hadn't been posted to since 2009.But I don't see a problem with Fstoppers using social media to further their world and goals.
 I really like what Fstoppers is doing and am amazed at all the things they are doing. :-) GOOD JOB FSTOPPERS! :-)

Awman. Wish you guys had one of these contests every month!

nice giveaway.  Looks like you upped me by a pocket wizard ;)


Frances's picture

Keeping my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!  Thanks guys!

Albert's picture

Tweeter? what is that?

I'm not a twitter user so these twitter based contests are always a little disapointing...

JimmySchaefer's picture

Hey guys, I don't know much about studio lights or flash photography but I wish to learn it. Could someone please let me know how a pocket wizard works with studio lighting. I only own a canon EOS 7D.   I also was given 2,000 to start up a small studio in my garage.  Looking for any help I can get. Winning one of these pocket wizards would be a cool start too. 

i tweeted, fingers crossed!

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