Leaked Specification of the Panasonic S1H: A Full Frame GH5?

Leaked Specification of the Panasonic S1H: A Full Frame GH5?

A few days ahead of the official Lumix Cine camera announcement, the first specifications are leaking on the internet. Here is what we know.

Many video enthusiasts were a little bit disappointed when the Lumix S1 and S1R were announcement last year. These two full frame mirrorless cameras are extremely well built and capable, but they are more photo-oriented than the Panasonic GH5 despite solid video features: the 4K 60p video recording comes with a crop factor, the h.265 codec is limited to 72 Mbps, and the articulated flip screen is missing.

As usual, the rumors sites got their hands on the first leaked specifications on the new model just days before the official announcement that will be made at the Cine Gear Expo on May 31.

This new L-mount camera will be “Cinematography dream gear,” able to record at 6K 24p and 4K 60p (presumably without crop) in 10-bit 4:2:2 internally (at 30p). Due to the extra processing power and heat dissipation requirement, the SH1 will be slightly bigger than the already large S1 and S1R. However, this new camera will be built like a tank.

The presence of built-in ND filter and IBIS is unconfirmed at this point. But keep in mind that the in-body image stabilization feature was not implemented on the GH5s; therefore, the lack of IBIS is possibl,e especially if Panasonic fits the S1H with a multi aspect sensor. However, the L-mount might offer more room for the sensor and IBIS system than the Micro Four Third standard. The nature of the autofocus technology is also unknown. Hopefully, Panasonic won’t recycle its traditional contrast detection AF and will switch to the more suitable phase detection autofocus for video use.

Obviously, this high end full-frame cine camera won’t come cheap, and the rumored price could be as high as $5,000 or $6,000.

Meanwhile, Sony should announce a new E-mount camera very soon. A replacement of the three-year-old a7S II is expected. 2019 might be an exciting year for video folks.

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5K to 6K USD for a DSLR oriented to video only. Quite overpriced with the Sony/Canon competition on FS5 C200 and even FS7 which work out of the box and offer ND/XLR/Viewfinder where you will need to create some kind of Frankenstein lego rig for a almost similar price.

It's been announced at $4,000. The specs are still unclear (codec, raw or prores output, IBIS, etc.) but I don't really see a huge difference over the S1.
The S1H seems to be designed at a B cam for pro Varicam shooters with 6K and anamorphic support. Other than that, 90% of the video crowd will be fine with the much cheaper S1.

Could be and will makes sens this way. Super broadcast 6K B-Cam.
Unfortunately, the PR campaign target more a general audience. Only the price is not in line...

I'm not sure the Sony announcement will be the a7siii or a new a9. Olympics are next year and I could see them putting something out there this year in preparation for that

Yes, it's absolutely possible. Rumors are rumors and no one really knows for sure.