This Leica 1600mm Lens Costs 2 Million Dollars

This Leica 1600mm Lens Costs 2 Million Dollars

Leave it to Leica to produce the worlds most expensive lens. Sheikh Saud Bin Mohammed Al-Thani of Qatar had this lens specially designed and shipped to him for  a cool $2,064,500. This 1600mm 5.6 lens is the biggest and heaviest Leica has ever made and although it is a one of a kind product, you can see the prototype of this lens (the one in the picture above) in Leica's factory showroom in Solms, Germany. 

Obviously stabilizing a lens of this size is a feat in itself and it has been reported that the Sheikh who bought it also commissioned a specially designed Mercedes to carry and steady it. Sadly the Sheik has never released any of his images taken with this lens so we will never know how it actually performs. I hope I'm around in 50 years when this thing shows up on eBay.

via Apotelyt via Peta Pixel 


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5.6? I wouldn't settle for anything less than a 2.8.

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You know it's just to peek into the neighbours' windows.

World Cup coming to Qatar, Sheikh gets bad ass lens, coincidence I think not! lol

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Looks like they started with a NASCAR fuel can

I saw this lens!!!! :-)))))))))

here :-D

It would be better for sheikh to made Unicef donation of 2.000.000 $, than spent it on lens that he doesn't need

Seriously...? How do you know he doesn't need it? I don't it would be any better.

 Spend your money the way you want to and let others worry about how to spend theirs. Apparently you like to spend yours for rides on high horses.

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Kudos for Dr. Evil!

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Plus he bought a specially built Mercedes to carry it…

Like a boss.

I want to see the tripod for this.

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Then go to and start with their Cine 150 L. It's mounted on a sachtler head as well.

So that's what happens after you spend a billion dollars to live at the top of a building that's too tall and then decide there's really not much to see...

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I bet you can see into the future with that monster!

Apparently, this is a 1923 lens, that sold for 2,79 M$ in auction lattely...

To get this little extra info, it tooke me 15 seconds on google. Get somme effort in your blog guys (and girls)....

Well if you did spend an extra 15 secs to read your link from left to right you'd know you're wrong. And if you took an extra 30secs, you'd know that SLR did not exist in 1923...

Read again the camera is from 1923, doesn't mention the year the lens was manufactured.  But a little extra on google gets you; 

"It is Leica's longest, biggest, and heaviest telephoto lens. It was delivered in 2006 on special order from a rich photography aficionado, Sheikh Saud Bin Mohammed Al-Thani of Qatar..."

Get some effort in your critique ;-)