Moment Announces a Mobile Macro Lens

Moment Announces a Mobile Macro Lens

The team over at Moment are anything but idle. Earlier this month they have announced their newest product, The Moment Macro Lens. The lens is a 10x magnification and will work with all existing cases and mounting plates.

The amazing team over at Moment have been hard at work over the last six months to bring this new lens to life. In my review of the first two Moment lenses I was left craving more, and here we are. The multi element, 25mm macro lens seeks to do what the existing competition haven't; maintain edge to edge sharpness while eliminating the distortion and chromatic aberration. The lens also comes with a diffuser hood that sits over the lens to balance the light as needed. Essentially a soft box attached to the lens, really cool. 

I look forward to dropping by the team’s new work space and checking out their early prototypes. This lens will be available via their website once it’s ready. The goal right now is to begin shipping by August. You can check out the product page for the full announcement and where the team will be updating us on the progress and availability of the lens. Once again, I’m very excited for another Moment product.

Earlier this month I met up with a few members of the Moment team before a Mariners game and they let me fiddle with the most recent prototype of the Moment Case, they've really come a long way since I had my first look. All of the small details are coming together so well and they've been squashing bugs like crazy. I can't wait to get a production on in my hot little hands.

Here's a few samples from the new Moment Macro Lens:

[Via Moment]

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Desmond Gerritse's picture

Any change for a review in the near future for the Macro lens? Thinking about getting the 18mm and macro for my Christmas list.