[News] Carl Zeiss Set To Announce "Super Wide" Lens

[News] Carl Zeiss Set To Announce "Super Wide" Lens

It's already been an exciting month for gear enthusiasts. Obviously, the major camera body announcements from Canon and Nikon have taken most of the spotlight. We have also seen new Pocket Wizards, as well as a shinny new version of Adobe Lightroom 4 come out. But what about the glass? Sure, Canon revised a few lenses, but I'm talking about a whole new lens. Carl Zeiss is apparently looking to step up and fill this void. The Zeiss blog is teasing (side note: why do companies insist on "teasing" everything these days) a "Super Wide" lens that will be available in May for multiple camera mounts. The rumor mill has it pegged as a Zeiss Distagon T* f/2.8 15mm ZF.2/ZE. Rumors also indicate a full announcement will take place this Friday. An official price has yet to be announced.

Via: photorumors.com

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Lord knows what price that will be! I know Lloyd Chambers has been told what it is and he is embargoed from sharing!

Nik...what? Can...what? Pock...what?
(droooooooooling ...)