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Nikon Launches Mysterious New Teaser Campaign

Nikon Launches Mysterious New Teaser Campaign

This morning, I awoke early to see a new cryptic web page appear on the Nikon website. So, what’s it all about?

A couple years ago, I began seeing a series of short teaser videos from Nikon about a new camera they would be launching. A series of short vignettes showing photographers in the field using their latest invention to show off its best features. That camera ended up being the Z 9. They were enough to get me to hand over my money, and I’m glad I did. That camera has transformed my entire gear arsenal and I’ve never looked back.

But for longtime Nikon watchers, there still remain a few gaps in the lineup. Simply mathematically speaking, there is one camera that has been all the buzz. A couple others that could be ready for an update. And a host of other possibilities based on recent patent applications. So, when I saw this morning’s teaser, I was excited to check it out.

If it sounds like I’m being cryptic, it’s because I can’t tell you much more. The new page, which can be found here, is a countdown clock. It allows you to sign up to be notified once this new product is announced. You enter your name and email, and you will be pinged to be the first one in line. As of now, according to the clock, the release is less than two weeks away. But what could it be?


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Christopher Malcolm is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle, fitness, and advertising photographer, director, and cinematographer shooting for clients such as Nike, lululemon, ASICS, and Verizon.

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As someone who just bought a Z7II I'm both excited and scared of the announcement. (Excited because cool new stuff is always fun but also excited because of the Z8 is just a better Z7II at the same price point I will have insta buyers-remorse. ;) )

Hopefully its not just a camera, I'd really love to see Nikon come out swinging with a revolutionary camera upgrade AND a couple of big lens reveals that will be platform-defining.

oh.. and if at the same time Nikon is like: "New firmware update for existing Z series users that further improves focus performance!" I will be a very happy boy as my only complaint about the Z7II so far is that its autofocus still isn't competitive with Sony. (Tho IMO it is better in a lot of other ways so still an awesome camera)

However that most likely is the case. The Z8 has to be coming soon, Nikon has a massive gap in the market currently. As a former Nikon shooter who returned his Z6II for a Sony A7III, I understand your pain. And while now I'm so comfortable with the Sony that I'd probably never switch, the Nikon always has a soft spot in my heart.

I'm curious, what is that gap, their current offering seems the same as they always have? A prosumer full frame (Z6), a high resolution mid-budget (Z7), and a top tier aimed at shooters who need performance (Z9). I'm sure the Z8 will be a big upgrade but I don't see a segment they are missing atm in their current lineup, just that further upgrades are always welcome.

Perfection is an illusion of camera Brands, unless you can fork out 20k for Leica and lens. So this mere mortal shoots with not so perfect Fuji X-H2. So happy and content with imperfection. P T Barnum said, "a sucker is born every 30 seconds". I have my share of sucker gear in my closet. I am a sucker, to my lament. Perhaps an AI app to flush out the misleading AD agencies so this sucker can't find the bait.

Imo those $20k Leica's are miles from perfect as well. Their cost is more a reflection of Leica being a status symbol than the best camera system.

The last ? is replaced by a very faint 8. Z8 it is

Nice observation!

I gotta give credit to Nikon Rumors, who probably got it from someone else, who got it from someone else.... haha

Yes, there is an easter egg in the banner "8"

"Nikon reverts to all-DSLR! Affordable, pro-quality prime glass for your D7000 is now a click away!"

A boy can dream

Followed a few months later by "Nikon goes bankrupt after trying to compete by moving backwards." ;)