Nikon Unveils 100th Anniversary Collection

Nikon Unveils 100th Anniversary Collection

Nikon announced their 100th Anniversary commemorative cameras, lenses, and special collectors items today. Founded in 1917, Nikon Corporation's 100th Anniversary is coming up on July 25th of this year. According to Nikon's press release, "Authorized Nikon retailers will be accepting orders for these commemorative products and special collection items starting today, June 15 through August 31, 2017."

Nikon's 100th Anniversary Commemorative Items Include:

According to B&H, the Nikon D5 and D500 feature:

  • Metallic Gray Finish, Commemorative Logo
  • Anniversary Body Cap and Leather Strap
  • Custom Metal Travel Case

There is a slight premium for the anniversary editions, and one has to wonder if they will stay in the collectors market in the years to come.

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Wade Fredheim's picture

Does anyone know where I can get the light meter on my FTN repaired?

Henry Do's picture

If they dont innovate and develop a mirrorless body to compete with Sony A7 and A9 lineup; focus on video recording fucntions; there will not be another 100 years for Nikon.