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Capture One 20 Released

Capture One 20, the newest version of the photo editing and organization software, has released today. Adopting a new, year-based naming convention, Capture One 20 boasts a number of improved features from Capture One 12, centering around refining the user experience.

2019 PhotoPlus Expo Round Up

The 2019 PhotoPlus Expo was held this weekend at the Javits Center in New York City. This year’s edition was full of several changes, both exciting and concerning.

Palette Gear Announces New Hardware, Rebranding as "Monogram"

Palette Gear has announced new modular hardware controllers while rebranding to become Monogram. Cited as 40% slimmer compared to the original Palette, Monogram's new and re-engineered modules offer compact yet versatile control and backward compatibility with first-generation modules using the new Monogram core hub.

Fstoppers Reviews Powerex MH-C980 8-Cell Charger-Analyzer

Maha's new Powerex MH-C980 8 Cell Charger/Analyzer is out and it's a full-featured, professional charging beast. Check out the nitty gritty on one of the most advanced AA/AAA battery chargers on the market.

Fstoppers Reviews Datacolor SpyderLensCal

Have you ever noticed that your camera's autofocus is consistently back or front-focused? It may not be your fault. Check out this review and how-to on calibrating lenses using the Datacolor SpyderLensCal.

Fstoppers Reviews Palette Gear's Compatibility With Capture One

For a number of years, Palette Gear's Control Surface has been at the literal fingertips for users, enhancing workflows within Adobe's CC, Final Cut Pro X, to name a few. After years of waiting, Palette now offers full functionality with Capture One. Check out the integration after the jump.

Photographers and Writers: Step up Your Audio Game

Are you a photographer or writer looking to upgrade your on-camera audio for basic video clips and interviews? Check out some basic hardware and software essentials to improve your basic audio workflow for transcribing interviews and simple video clips.

PhotoPlus Expo 2018 Roundup

Ten years ago, I attended my first PhotoPlus Expo at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. No other event each year brings as much opportunity to learn, check out new gear, speak with other photographers, editors, manufacturers, meeting folks outside of the matrix of social media. Here's a brief round-up of the 2018 PhotoPlus Expo from a different take than simply the latest gear.

How to Easily Aggregate Photographs With SmugMug's Guest Uploading

Looking for an easy way to collect and share photographs with others? Whether you're centralizing image assets for an organization, a public event, a family reunion, or a social gathering among friends, check out this quick how-to using a built-in and highly underrated feature of SmugMug.

Phase One Releases New Latitude Style Pack for Capture One

Phase One has announced a new series of Capture One Style Packs titled "Latitude." The series contains two stunning packages: Latitude | Deep Forest and Latitude | Sunbound. These inspired timesavers adjust images quickly and easily while preserving exposure and adding creative flair.

Free Capture One Photography Contest: Capture Dedication

Phase One, producer of high-end digital medium format cameras, and advanced imaging software, has announced in a press release that they are offering a free photography competition with some amazing prizes on the line. The theme of the contest is to invite "creatives across the globe to share their passion for, and inspiration behind, their photography process."

Tips To Maximize Your SmugMug Account

My workflow has relied on SmugMug starting back in March of 2008, and after a decade of use, my organization was a disaster. In that ten-year span, the focus of my business has evolved, and SmugMug's features grew with it, and my account was well past due for cleaning house a remodel. Part how-to and part review, check out what I did to revamp my account so you can easily configure your site like a pro.

Capture One 11 In-Depth Review

With the latest release of Capture One 11 following a recent Lucie Technical Award at PhotoPlus Expo, the best color correction software just got even better. Many of the features I have been longing for since adding Capture One to my workflow are now included, making it the ultimate post-production software on the market. Here's an in-depth look at the latest features and how they perform in a real-world workflow.

Three Takeaway Points From PhotoPlus Expo 2017

From Grand Central Station heading out of New York City following another great year at PhotoPlus Expo, my mind is buzzing with excitement. After three photography packed days, a lot of learning, and twelve miles of walking, here are my three of my biggest takeaway points from this years event.

How to Create Your Own Capture One Styles and Presets

Capture One has recently published an article on The Image Quality Professor's Blog on how to create your own Styles and Presets written by Alexander Flemming. Styles are a great timesaver and can help accelerate your postproduction workflow with beautiful color corrections.

Production Stills from Original 'Blade Runner' Movie

With the release of "Blade Runner 2049," which by the way, is absolutely incredible, Getty Images has put together a collection of production stills from the incredible 1982 original film. The new movie was produced by Ridley Scott, who directed "Blade Runner" thirty some years ago in both the real world and in the film's sequence. The collection of color plus black and white photographs emphasize the detail and grit of this futuristic film noir world.

Fstoppers Reviews Capture One Styles: Spectrum

As previously reported on Fstoppers, Capture One's new "Spectrum" Styles Pack is designed as a finishing tool for cinematic color grading applied to your photographs, providing a wide range of toning options for stunning yet subtle results that make no impact on exposure or contrast to keep the dynamic range in tact. Phase One offers a number of Styles as workflow-enhancing enhancements and time savers; Spectrum is the latest and at $49, the least expensive in their lineup. Here's what I found after putting the new style to the test.

Why You Need to Attend PhotoPlus Expo 2017

An annual pilgrimage for those among us who relish in new gear and the latest in our industry, PhotoPlus Expo 2017 is right around the corner. Taking place a few weeks after New York Comic Con, from October 25 to October 28, the Javits Center transforms into a digital wonderland loaded with the latest cameras, lenses, software, lighting, training, and seminars. It's been almost a decade since I attended PhotoPlus for the first time, and it’s a highlight I’ve only missed it a couple of times since. Here are my personal take on why you should get yourself there and how to get the most out of this great photo and video event.