Free Capture One Photography Contest: Capture Dedication

Free Capture One Photography Contest: Capture Dedication

Phase One, producer of high-end digital medium format cameras, and advanced imaging software, has announced in a press release that they are offering a free photography competition with some amazing prizes on the line. The theme of the contest is to invite "creatives across the globe to share their passion for, and inspiration behind, their photography process."

The top prize winner gets to choose between going to either California or Shanghai, having access to photograph with the Phase One XF full frame medium format camera during the workshop. Wacom is sponsoring the 2nd and 3rd prizes which are a Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16, i7 512GB and a Wacom Intuos Pro, Medium, both include a Capture One Pro license.

To enter, follow @captureonepro and submit your image to Instagram using the hashtag #CaptureDedication. Be sure to include an explanation as to why the image is special to you, the photographer, and how it shows dedication. According to the press release, entries for the competition are accepted from April 5th to April 23rd, 2018. The winners will be selected by a jury from both Phase One and Wacom and will be announced on April 27th, 2018. The winner will be announced on or around April 27, 2018 via the @captureonepro social media account. To learn more, check out the Capture Dedication page here. Best of luck to all of those who enter!

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"Phase One XF full frame medium format camera" ?

haha, yes... deal with it ! LOL

watermarks allowed or not ?

are multiple images allowed to submit ?