Phase One Releases Capture One Pro 9.1, Feature Update for XF Camera System

Phase One Releases Capture One Pro 9.1, Feature Update for XF Camera System

Phase One has dropped two new software updates today including Capture One Pro 9.1 and a camera firmware update for its medium format XF system. Version 9.1 of Capture One Pro is focused on workflow tool improvements aimed towards working fashion and still life photographers. The XF camera system update brings interesting new software tools and autofocus improvements, as well as two new “blue ring” lenses.

Capture One Pro 9.1

A number of new workflow tools have been added to the newest Capture One Pro release. In a press release, Phase One Software Product Manager James Johnson said, “We’ve been listening to our core user base and made some valuable additions to the application, designed ultimately to help with efficiency. In the ever increasingly competitive marketplace, production value is all about better workflow and less work.” Below are the noted changes for workflow in Capture One Pro 9.1:

  • “Copy from last” has been redesigned for rotation, allowing for easier workflow when doing overhead shots.
  • “Copy from last” has been redesigned to allow the inclusion of metadata, making shot-to-shot application of copyright and other metadata easier and more intuitive.
  • Rotatable Live View - Live view can be orientated for still life work with next captures mirroring the live view orientation.
  • Improved Shortcuts - A number of extra shortcuts are added to aid the professional workflow. Reset counters, layer controls, and “select by...” are added to help in all areas of the workflow.

Along with the workflow improvements, there’s a new skin tone uniformity tool. It is used to control saturation and lightness, helping to correct uneven skin tones. To see all of the new features, head over to the Capture One Pro 9.1 webpage which has all the information.

Capture One Pro 9.1

If you haven’t yet purchased Capture One Pro 9, you should know that with version 9.1, Phase One has reset the 30-day trial counter. Capture One 9.1 is free for existing Capture One 9 customers.

Phase One XF Feature Update #2

After the XF camera system’s initial release in June 2015, and then its first feature update in October 2015, Phase One is now releasing the second major update to the medium format platform.

This update introduces new tools for integrated sequence photography in the XF camera. These updates as noted include:

  • Focus Stack Tool provides automated camera focus control throughout a sequence of captured images.
  • Time-lapse Tool offers automated capture sequence at user set intervals.
  • HDR Sequence Tool enables an automated bracketing sequence with unique metadata tags for Capture One integration.
  • Self-Timer Delay provides a quick and easy, fully customizable timer option from one half to sixty seconds.

There have also been improvements made to the XF’s HoneyBee autofocus system to “increase accuracy in low light conditions, improve focus in various low contrast scenarios, and to provide improved hand held success.” Additionally, design changes were made to the OneTouch UI to improve operation.

Two new lenses have been introduced to the “blue ring” lineup, a standard 110mm f/2.8 and a 240mm f/4.5 telephoto. These lenses feature a metal focusing ring and AF/MF selector ring of precision milled aluminum, as well as a metal lens hood with anti-skid rubber edging. The Schneider Kreuznach 110mm LS f/2.8 will cost $5,390 (4,490 EUR) and the Schneider Kreuznach 240mm LS f/4.5 IF will be priced at $6,490 (5,690 EUR).

More details on the latest XF feature update can be found on the Phase One website.

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"TIFF files saved with Alpha channels or layers can now be stored and viewed and viewed in Capture One."

Wow, this is great news!

Do not upgrade the XF. The new update won't allow the XF camera to turn on without taking out the battery and replacing it each time. I already contacted digital transitions and they contacted phase one.

Any update on this?

Yes. P1 sent me a revised update, and replaced the one on their site yesterday. I tested it and it works great now.

Finaly we can rotate live view, the best thing about this update, i dont know why it takes so long for so simple task.