Color Editing With Capture One Dissected in This 90-Minute Long Webinar

Pratik Naik was featured on a recent Phase One webinar and showed some of the techniques he uses when processing commercial, beauty, and fashion images in Capture One. Most of what he demonstrated was centered around color and was extremely instructive, no matter the viewer’s level. The hour and a half long recording is now available on YouTube for free and worth a watch if you are serious about color edition and your raw processing.

Color correction and toning is a big topic. One that cannot be covered in just a few minutes, and actually not even in a single webinar. But having a good knowledge of what’s available in a program such as Capture One is a great starting point. Then you can find tutorials on a particular subject that you’d like to learn more about and go more in depth.

The webinar Naik and Phase One recently realized is a fantastic way to get started and find out all about the different color editing tools and possibilities that exist in Capture One. Whether you are an amateur or pro, just discovering the software or more familiar with it, you’ll probably find a few golden nuggets. Be sure to watch the full video as at the end there is an interesting 30-minute long panel discussion with Bella Kotak, Pratik Naik, and Phase One’s business support and development manager, David Grover. There will probably be a few questions and answers that will grab your attention there as well.

Did you enjoy this webinar? What new tricks did you discover? Are there any subject or tool you'd like to learn more about?

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