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Phase One XF Receives First Major System Update

Phase One XF Receives First Major System Update

After seeing an initial release in June of this year, Phase One is now releasing its first big platform update for the XF camera system. The update brings new controls and functionality, plus more refinement to its operating software.

Back in June when the Phase One XF was announced, the Copenhagen-based company was promoting the idea of a flexible and expandable system that could easily adapt and grow to continue to fit the needs of its customers for years to come. Part of this is in the form of a highly modular approach to its camera hardware, and part of it is in the way the software is designed. With this free system update, Phase One is keeping true to that idea of flexibility and has delivered some additional functionality for XF photographers.

Here's what you'll find in today's Phase One XF update:

  • Focus confirmation on the XF OneTouch UI; now gives full focus control in Waist Level Finder workflow;
  • Seismographic Vibration Delay ensures camera stillness at the moment of capture;
  • Hyperfocal Point Calibration allows photographers to use Capture One PRO to calibrate and store their perfect hyperfocal point;
  • BullsEye Level tool on the XF OneTouch UI enables easy camera alignment;
  • Histogram display on the XF OneTouch UI permits immediate review of captured data;
  • Focus Step enables focus control directly from Live View in Capture One PRO, providing the photographer with the ultimate focus accuracy;
  • And general stability improvements.

The free update is available now and can be downloaded from the Phase One website. If you are interested in trying out the Phase One XF camera system, you can book a demo here.

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