How to Create Your Own Capture One Styles and Presets

How to Create Your Own Capture One Styles and Presets

Capture One has recently published an article on The Image Quality Professor's Blog on how to create your own Styles and Presets written by Alexander Flemming. Styles are a great timesaver and can help accelerate your postproduction workflow with beautiful color corrections.

Working with Styles is a topic I have been dabbling in recently and have found this article to be extremely useful. I recently reviewed the Spectrum Styles Pack for Capture One which I love for its understated qualities. That seems to be a driving factor with Capture One's Styles, as Flemming mentions in this article.

My only other tip in addition to Flemming's is if you plan on using Styles regularly, create a custom workspace in Capture One that has a dedicated a Tool Tab specifically for Styles. That has helped me recently in utilizing styles more as a finishing tool in making color corrections.

If you are looking for help on how to install an already made style, check out this brief tutorial below.

If you are not already a Capture One user, Phase One offers a free, 30-day trial of Capture One Pro 10 available directly through their website to help you get started.

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It is weird to say, but maybe there is no need for.

I was use to use presets with Lr, also VSCO and co, mainly because it is so melasse like slow to work with curves in Lr with big raw files and the color tools are way less good.

On Capture One everything works blazing fast on a gaming GPU - and the color weels are super simple to use and also their curves. I create a look or play with looks so easy in fractions of seconds, to even I have presets I rarely use them

Totally Agree on the Spectrum style pack. Understated, yes, but a great "color grading" style pack. Some styles affect tons of adjustments (contrast, brightness, exposure, curves, levels etc) which is fine unless you don't want to affect some of those adjustments which you've already made.

This Spectrum pack doesn't do that as it is limited to the Color Balance tool alone: specifically Color Balance Highlight, midtone, and shadows.... and thus it doesn't mess with anything else.

The comment about adding a dedicated tab for styles is key.

Martin's comment is valid, you don't need styles or presets as you can do it yourself. For me though, I've adopted Spectrum style selection as an initial step in my workflow.... just rifle through them until you get a base starting point you like, then move on to further editing.

Thanks for reading Peter! Great remarks, I'm totally with you, and glad the dedicated styles tab resonates with another Capture One user! The than Spectrum, are there any other Styles packs you use regularly or enjoy the most?