Phase One Releases New Latitude Style Pack for Capture One

Phase One Releases New Latitude Style Pack for Capture One

Phase One has announced a new series of Capture One Style Packs titled "Latitude." The series contains two stunning packages: Latitude | Deep Forest and Latitude | Sunbound. These inspired timesavers adjust images quickly and easily while preserving exposure and adding creative flair.

Deep Forest and Sunbound both include eight styles with three variations of each in original, bright, and dark adjustments, for a total of 24 styles per pack. From Phase One's press release: "Latitude | Deep Forest consists of cold color nuances, pulled from some of the most spectacular ancient forests on Earth, to provide depth and mystery to each image. Latitude | Sunbound consists of warm color nuances, inspired from the globe’s most sun-drenched, rugged terrains, to provide warmth and adventure to each image."

According to the technical requirements, Capture One v.10.1.2 or newer is required. Style packs can be installed in a variety of methods. Available for macOS or Windows, each Latitude Series Style Pack is priced at $39 and bundled at $59 for the pair when purchased before July 27, 2018. You can learn more about each style, as well as download a free trial of Capture One through Phase One's website. A free sample of Capture One Styles is available, and the complete selection of Capture One Styles is available in the online store.

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I’M SICK OF ALL THESE POLITICAL POSTS! Fstoppers: if you don’t quit it RIGHT NOW I’m leaving for good!!!

Oh sorry, wrong article.

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Well, the pictures are of hikers and hikers are usually hippies and hippies are usually liberal sooo....

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I like your convoluted reasoning, sir!

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But they also could be hunters or survivalists who usually lean both sides are covered!

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Oh no! Someone tell me where to direct my outrage!!!

Are these compatible with layers in Capture one?

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Yeah, I actually just purchases the the 50% FULL set from C1 the day before this came out, thanks Phase1 haha. But they are all way to strong, and seem to really work around 30% on a layer ( There is a warning that the grain doesnt work on a layer)

Thans for the heads up Johnny!

How are you digging that film pack?