Mastin Labs Releases Kodak Everyday Pack for Capture One

Mastin Labs Releases Kodak Everyday Pack for Capture One

Mastin Labs released their popular Kodak Everyday Pack for Capture One 11 and later on Windows and macOS. Check out the latest emulsion emulation after the jump.

Mastin Labs Kodak Everyday Pack, known for offering hyper-accurate digital film emulations based on extensive film scan comparisons, is now available for Capture One Pro versions 11 and newer. Last July, Fstoppers' own Andrew Richardson reviewed Mastin Labs for Lightroom CC Classic which is worth checking out for a closer look.

Mastin Labs Kodak Everyday Pack style pack includes:

  • Kodak Gold 200 - Prized for its deep golden tones and glowing highlights Kodak Gold 200, is pure nostalgia, ideal for your personal and family photos.

  • Kodak Ektar 100 - With its cool shadows and warm highlights, Ektar 100 is made for adventure and Kirk Mastin’s favorite for exotic travel photos and lush landscapes.
  • Kodak Tri-X 400 - Prized by photojournalists for its versatility and sophistication, Tri-X 400 is a B&W film that has captured some of the most important moments in history.
  • Tone Profiles: All Hard, All Soft, Highlight Hard, Highlight Soft, Shadow Hard, and Shadow Soft.

  • Custom White Balance: Daylight, Cloudy, Open Shade, Tungsten, Flash, Cool White/LED.

  • Grain 35mm/Medium Format. 

Each of the three presets are flexible, allowing users to add shifts in white balance, tone, enabling lens correction, with 35 mm and medium format grain options. To apply any number of characteristics simultaneously in Capture One, make sure "Stack Styles" is checked under the "Styles and Presets" dropdown, which (from experience) is easy to miss.

As an aside, my personal images are often made using film and digital formats simultaneously. I love the aesthetic of both formats, and shooting for the histogram with a DSLR translates well to maximizing a film's latitude. Mastin Labs refers to a film plus digital style as "hybrid shooting" but it comes with a caveat: when mixing mediums into one storyline, mismatched aesthetics can often feel disjointed. The Mastin Labs Kodak Everyday Pack invests significant intention in bringing realistic, accurate film emulsions to the digital world. My freezer is loaded with ~200 rolls of Kodak films: TRI-X 400, T-MAX 400, Portra 400/800, Ektar 100, and a plethora of expired Gold; so far the results I'm seeing in Capture One with Mastin Lab are stunningly close to the real deal. Perhaps in the future, Mastin Labs will bring even deeper innovations to their offerings, such as the recently resurrected Kodak Ektachrome, or perhaps the aptly missed Kodachrome.

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Fstoppers Writer Jordan Bush is a pro photographer focusing on commercial, editorial, and photojournalism work. He writes and photographs the monthly column, "Foodographer." A former Apple software trainer and hardware technician, he also has an affinity for retro video games.

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Spend 30 mins learning about color theory, 30 mins learning about your raw editor, and you'll save hundreds.

Not the same thing in this case. The value in presets (or styles) like Mastin is in their accuracy of emulation. I think it's a niche use, but when you're doing a hybrid workflow that incorporates both digital and film and you want a consistent look, presets like this are invaluable because they'll do a lot better at emulating that look than you will by eye unless you're planning to spend hours of your time working it out.

When it comes to just presets overall, I agree with you. People would be much better off learning their tools and building their own style rather than pasting on presets.

VSCO is not even accurate to film.. thats way they are cheap..RNI & Mastin Labs is the most accurate to film if you want that look..

The pricing on this is out there..

As an owner of the majority of the C1 Pro Styles (bought a package when they were deep discounted) and not impressed. Way too strong, have to run them around 20-30% and even then they just arent good. Purchased Lutify me LUTs for video and tried them out on C1. By far the best styles I've came across. Cheaper, better integrated than others, overall just good. Puts the C1 Pro styles to shame. Half the cost of these 2 styles.

I purchased the C1 styles when I licensed the software and am not blown away. The LUTs look really good. Thanks for the recommendation! I think I’m in!

i'm agonising over integrating C1 into my workflow, but am an avid user of Lutifyme LUTs - good to know that they work well in C1. might be the final thing that makes me take the jump!

If you want it to look like film, just shoot film. It´s that easy and can be successfully done even in a professional environment, even in 2019. The number of labs offering professional grade service from start to finish is growing again, too and photographing on film teaches you to rely upon your own skills again and not on the ever-increasing Ai based features modern cameras offer. In the end, it saves you time on post-processing, and if you need obscene resolutions shoot medium or large-format and have it drum scanned.

Purchased these presets today after learning about them in the article. Super unimpressed with them. The Tri-X 400 isn't even close. Super disappointed that I wasted $100.