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How to Get More Value from Your Photographs

Being a working photographer today absolutely requires finding ways to get more mileage from your photographs. They're called assets for a reason, and we typically have way more content than we make use of, and just because images are old doesn't necessarily mean they're obsolete. Adding value to images you’ve already created is a fantastic way to work smarter and create new growth opportunities. Below are some workflow tips and specific concepts to help guide you in that process.

Goal Zero's Sherpa 100 Solar Power Pack Fstoppers Review

Having the ability to power our gear is something we often take for granted. Without power, the most expensive gear becomes an overpriced paperweight. Worst of all, passing opportunities are lost. One of my least favorite situations is to be traveling in a foreign city when I can’t find information because my iPhone battery is dead. This is where Goal Zero comes in.

Ten Reasons Why You Need a Journal for Your Creative Projects

There are tons of great apps available for tracking goals and ideas, but as with everything, sometimes the old ways are the best. If you are a writer or journalist, the need for a journal is even more obvious. I consistently maintain four journals, each having a dedicated purpose, half of which I use almost daily in my photography business. Here are ten reasons why you need to pick up a journal for planning your creative projects or business goals today.
Tether Tools T Setup and Aero Traveler Fstoppers Review

There are many instances where I’m working on site and I need to adjust camera position while on a tripod. From interiors and architecture, food and product photography, often a tripod alone can’t provide the convenience or flexibility I need to get a job done quickly. In other situations where space is limited, my gear needs to occupy as small of a footprint as possible while shooting tethered. That’s where the Tether Tools T Setup and Tether Table Aero Traveler comes in.

How To Upgrade Your Tech Repair Workflow

As creative professionals, hobbyists, and tech nerds (myself included), we often find ourselves wearing many different hats in our day-to-day activities. The crafts of photography and cinematography, among others, remain heavily dependent on technology that needs to be reliable and largely up to date. Often, that means the technician hat comes out to perform RAM upgrades on computers, to replace internal batteries and hard drives, and, admittedly, to repair screens on mobile devices. Here are some tools and tips to make that process a bit easier for you.

Former White House Photographer Pete Souza Is Still Working for the American Public

Pete Souza has been extremely active on his new Instagram account to the extent that even CNN has taken notice. The former White House photographer for President Barack Obama, Souza's visual political and social commentary are arguably as relevant as ever. His activity and media recognition underscores the power of social media, especially when there’s a tremendous following and story to go with it. His most recent posts make note of current events including refugee camps, specifically of ethnic Albanians displaced from Kosovo, and Supreme Court Associate Justice Nominee Merrick Garland.

Continuing the Legacy of the U.S. President's Photographer

The tradition of the White House photographers, now officially known as the Chief Official White House Photographer, was started by John F. Kennedy in January of 1961. A free press is responsible for accurate reportage and is essential to a democracy, though access can provide certain limitations. Having unprecedented access, where the press are typically held at a greater distance, the President’s photographer adds a level of transparency for the American public to engage and see the President working for the country within the context of current events.

Fstoppers Reviews: The Platypod Pro Max Camera Support

Announced on Fstoppers a while back, the Platypod Pro Max Camera Support is one of my favorite recent additions to my primary camera kit. The Platypod Pro Max Camera Support is a wide, stable, and ultra low-profile platform that allows you to set up a large tripod head, camera, and lens on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The larger platform is solid and even more stable than it’s predecessor for better results.