Former White House Photographer Pete Souza Is Still Working for the American Public

Pete Souza has been extremely active on his new Instagram account to the extent that even CNN has taken notice. The former White House photographer for President Barack Obama, Souza's visual political and social commentary are arguably as relevant as ever. His activity and media recognition underscores the power of social media, especially when there’s a tremendous following and story to go with it. His most recent posts make note of current events including refugee camps, specifically of ethnic Albanians displaced from Kosovo, and Supreme Court Associate Justice Nominee Merrick Garland.

As previously reported with the recent appointment of President Donald Trump’s official photographer, Shealah Craighead, Souza renamed and archived his account from documenting President Obama, while creating a new account using PeteSouza. Souza’s work is remarkably intimate, personal, and even more so now that he is self described as “TBD” according to his Instagram profile as of this writing.

As someone with great admiration for the role, it does beg the question as to what a former president's photographer, in this case, Souza, does next, other than photograph another president. The White House Flickr account still remains without photographs as we eagerly await seeing what will surely be strong work from Craighead. Printed photographs of the inauguration decorate the White House, one of which President Donald Trump tweeted directly.
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Rob Mynard's picture

It would be a strange adjustment to reality after 8 years of shooting pretty much non-stop.