The Nikon Z 9 Will Begin Shipping on Christmas Eve but Expect Delays

The Nikon Z 9 Will Begin Shipping on Christmas Eve but Expect Delays

Nikon has announced that its new flagship full frame mirrorless camera, the Z 9, will begin shipping on December 24, though customers should probably brace themselves for delays.

Nikon made the announcement via its website, adding the caveat that an unexpectedly large number of preorders meant that they “may not be able to deliver the product to customers who have already made a reservation on the day of release.” Nikon mentioned that it may increase production but that the global chip shortage might make delays unavoidable.

Nikon announced the Z 9 to much acclaim in October, presenting a camera with a 45.7-megapixel sensor that shoots 20 fps raw, 30 fps JPEG, 120 fps at 11 megapixels, and 8K video at 30 fps. Not only did Nikon suddenly match the competition, it seems to have surpassed it to the point that multiple websites and YouTube channels have judged it to be their camera of the year (check out this video, for example). This is impressive given that high-level cameras from Canon and Sony also arrived in 2021, gear that seemed to be at the absolute limit of technological possibilities.

Are you waiting patiently for your Z 9? Let us know in the comments below.

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Ryan Sauve's picture

Ordered mine and put down a deposit at my local camera shop the minute they opened on the day of release. Hoping the wait isn't too long. I've got a river surfing doc planned for its inaugural video shoot.

Andy Day's picture

Good luck!

Michael Dougherty's picture

I'm not sure anyone knows how many NPS members ordered the Z9 as they will get their orders filled before the non-NPS preorders. I'm hoping that most were ordering the Z9 while I was ordering the 100-400 and 24-120.

Deleted Account's picture

I've been paying attention to the logistics guys; they've been wetting their pants over the supply chain thing for a while, and they're panicking.

People don't realise just how fragile we made this thing in the pursuit of efficiency.

Anton Lenke's picture

Ordered early November but not holding my breath on getting it even in Jan, tbh. Definitely have some plans for it though!

Larry Hopper's picture

The Z9 is all the more impressive at $1,000 less than the competition.

Mark Elias's picture

I bought through NPS priority and have been told things are still on sked in the U.S. Adorama and B&H still show Dec. 15 shipping dates.

charles hoffman's picture

talk about straining the supply chains
the thing weighs 2x that of the z7
need really big cargo plane