This Is One Of The Best Nikon Deals I Have Ever Seen

We usually try to keep the good camera deals that we find only on Twitter, but I think everyone deserves to hear about this one.

Amazon is currently giving $100-$400 off when you buy any Nikon SLR and a lens. You can see all of these deals here. This is a pretty good deal in itself, especially if you were about to buy the new D7000 anyway but it gets better.

Epson is currently giving you a $450 rebate when you buy their $385 R1900 Photo Printer and a Nikon SLR which means they are actually paying YOU $65 to buy their printer. You can check out the rebate form here.


The deal above is just a random one that I put together. If you are only interested in a new lens then I would suggest buying the Nikon D3100 (Nikon's cheapest camera), getting the discount on the lens, getting the rebate on the printer, and then selling the camera and printer when they come. It's a bit of work but you could potentially save about $600-800 on a new lens this way.

I have done my best to read all of the fine print and this all seems to be legitimate. Please don't count on me though, do your own research and hopefully we can all save some money.

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Thanks for sharing. Not everyone - even not every photographer interested in good deals, has access to Twitter. I cannot get any cell service (really) at home or studio location. High speed internet is pricey and not that high speed but I can get the info sent via the web - and appreciate it!

Great deal but in the fine print of the rebate form it states

"In the event a customer has paid less for the Epson product than the specified rebate amount, customer will only be entitled to receive a rebate
check for the actual amount paid by customer for the Epson product before taxes and shipping"

So the best (and it's pretty good) you can do is getting the printer free. You won't be able to get extra back by buying the printer for less than $450.

One more thing, both the camera and the printer have to be on the same receipt. If you order two products from two different stores on amazon you get two invoices. So there might be an issue since the rebate specifies the products have to be on the same receipt. So make sure the printer and camera are on the same receipt / order.