PocketWizard Plus II Transceiver

PocketWizard Plus II Transceiver

Who It’s For:

If you use external strobes and you don’t want to fight with syncing, these are for you. These are the most reliable radio syncs that I have ever used and are the professional standard.

What We Like:

Simple Set Up: Just pop in a few batteries, flip the power on and you’re good to go. This design is all buttons and sliders which makes it very easy to use.

Range: PocketWizard claims 1600ft. You don’t get 100% reliability at that range, but it will do it. That being said, unless you’re pushing the boundries of the unit all the time, you’re going to come close to a 100% fire rate. If your lights can keep up, this PocketWizard will be right there with you.

What We Don’t:

Price: at $170 new, these units are a little steep, but the good news is that not only are the PWIII’s slightly cheaper, it means that many pros will be dropping their PWII’s in favor of the newer model, which means used models will be hitting the market like they never have before.

Battery Life: These things have a tendency to eat batteries if left on. They don’t have a sleep mode. So be sure to turn them off, or at least keep a fresh pack of AA’s handy.

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1 Comment

Great trigger. If you have Sekonic L-358 w/the US RC-32 unit, you can trigger the PWII (and your flash/strobe) with your meter.

With a couple of inexpensive items (hotshoe adapter w/PC receptacle) you can trigger most Elinchroms if you lose your strobe transmitter.

Although not bulletproof, they are certainly rugged, I've dropped mine from as high as 30 feeet above concrete and they worked as advertised after I dusted it off.

Not the least expensive, but reliable. I had much cheaper triggers and lamented the purchase based on cost. Saved for 2 sets and am glad I did.