PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver

PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver

Who It’s For:

If you use external strobes and you don’t want to fight with syncing, these are for you. These are the most reliable radio syncs that I have ever used and are the professional standard.

What We Like:

Price: The Plus III’s are a bit cheaper than the old Plus II’s, so while they’re still a little pricey, they’re definitely a good value.

More Channels: The Plus III’s have 24 channels, so if you’re shooting around a bunch of other photographers using PocketWizards, you won’t  run the risk of triggering their strobes.

Long Range Mode: This mode DOUBLES the 1600 foot range with the only adverse reaction being a slight reduction in sync speed.

Battery Meter: No more guessing about battery power, there’s a three stage readout for you.

Build Quality: These things are built like tanks, I’ve never broken one except for water.

What We Don’t:

Channel Scrolling: It’s not a huge deal, but to get from channel 24 to channel 1 you have to scroll all the way back down. It would be much easier if you could go from 24 to 1 in one click.

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 PW III's have 32 channels not 24 and 17-32 have a quad zone feature that allows you to turn off and on up to 4 zones (A,B,C and D). These are very cool and are backward compatible to the PW II's. 

Driever Photography's picture

I just switched over to the plus III ! they're great ! really !
Solid build, and as always..reliable in every situation.
You want a good radio trigger, there is just one way : Pocketwizard 

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 is pw III's compatible with my NIKON D90 ?

Laur Nash's picture

Yes, they are. I just bought them a couple months ago & use them primarily with my Nikon D90.

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is PW III"s compatible with NIKON D90 ?

Can you control your 

can you control the power output of your flashes with these units?  or do you need additional hardware?

No you cannot control the flash power's as its not TTL, it just a remote triggering system, I read on the net that it does groups so you can say have 4 flash units, then control them on and off remotely without having to go to each one and turn them off etc.

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They work great!