Returning to Their Square Roots: The Hasselblad V1D 4116 Concept

Returning to Their Square Roots: The Hasselblad V1D 4116 Concept

For most people in the industry, the name "Hasselblad" is synonymous with quality and high resolution. The company has been around since the 1940s and whether you remember it or not, many moons ago, a lot of cameras did not shoot the familiar rectangular format so many of us are accustomed to. They in fact shot in a square format, and that's exactly what Hasselblad is doing with this new camera concept, going back to a square format with a 75-megapixel back.
With this heralding back to their old stomping grounds, they're also exploring new possibilities for the brand in terms of the ergonomics and design of their cameras. In previous generations, when you received the body, other than lenses and a few extensions, reconfiguring the body to create an easier to use package was almost not possible. However, that's not to be the case with this concept, as the entire design is based around the idea of modularity and options such as being able to add on or move controls for left-handed users or for more comfortable positions, being able to use multiple screens, or fit the camera with different types of output systems, all of which can prove to be invaluable options.


Some of the different configurations for the V1D Concept from Hasselblad.

The above images only really share a few of the possible configurations that could be used for the V1D; for more information on this, you can visit the Hasselblad website.
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What a beauty! I'm wondering how large the sensor is going to be.

It's effectively 40mmx40mm since its a cropped FF 645

After that Fuji mirrorless MF, I don't see the point in keep it in Hassy's concept...

Honestly, as a film V system user for film I would much rather see them continue improving the CFV backs and possibly create some new V mount lenses that are capable of resolving the high MP backs bit better than the old V system Zeiss lenses. Otherwise, aside from the "hip" factor, I don't really see who this is aimed at considering that most pros will opt for the current H series cameras, possibly using the X1D when they need something smaller. Not quite sure where square format, non interchangeable back camera really fits, regardless how modular it may be. And this may just be me, but compared to the classic V system cameras I think the more "modern" re-imagination is actually a bit ugly)

100MP CFV that has ability to rotate the sensor or back for vertical shots.

Call me crazy, but I would actually prefer a 100mp sensor with a true 1:1 aspect ratio. I have been in love with the square format ever since I picked up my first Seagull 20 years ago and is one of my favorite things about the V system. They could include a viewfinder with a vertical and horizontal 645 mask to help with composition for those who want to crop in post.

Like it really matters though...I can't even come close to affording a CFV50 so there is no way I'm ever getting this dream 100mp back.

A true ebony sweetheart indeed. But why not a rotating 44X33 sensor a la Leaf R digital backs? It would command way more universal seductive power.