A Review of the Sony a7R IV

The Sony a7R IV is a fantastically capable camera with a versatile feature set that should satisfy the needs of lots of photographers. This excellent video review takes a complete look at the camera to help you decide if it is the right one for your work. 

Coming to you from Wes Perry, this great video review takes a look at the Sony a7R IV. The a7R IV features a new sensor with a whopping 61 megapixels of resolution, but it still shoots with a speedy burst rate of 10 fps. To back up that continuous shooting rate, it also comes with an autofocus system that borrows from the company's flagship a9. In addition, it features a newer EVF, improved and more ergonomic grip, better weather-sealing, and more. Of course, one of the best parts of the extreme resolution, fast burst rate, and powerful autofocus is that it makes a great camera for wildlife photographers, allowing them to capture action and leaving the ability to crop in quite a bit and still have usable amounts of resolution. Altogether, it looks like a great camera for a variety of photographers. Check out the video above for Perry's full thoughts. 

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Jason Berge's picture

Just take the fucking screen off of the A99II. How hard is that. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG

Ketch Kirk's picture

Don’t buy it if you don’t like it. It really isn’t that difficult for those with positive IQs

G.P. Weeda's picture

The screen might not be everyone favourite but you can learn to handle its limitations. Every screen has its pro's and cons. In the video they mentioned the PASM wheel can't be locked, that's a small misunderstanding, it is locked and you have to unlock for changing your settings! The camera is, as they say, not usefull for everyone, thats right! Very nice video!