Sigma Bringing 11 Art-Series Lenses to L mount, Will Release EF-to-L Mount Converter MC-21

Sigma Bringing 11 Art-Series Lenses to L mount, Will Release EF-to-L Mount Converter MC-21

In 2018, Leica, Sigma, and Panasonic formed an alliance that would allow the latter two companies to develop products utilizing Leica's L-mount standard. Today, Sigma has announced plans to bring 11 of their popular Art lenses to L mount, as well as sell a new Canon EF-to-L and Sigma SA-to-L mount converter.

Sigma promises that these new L-mount Art lenses will have optimized autofocus and support AF-C mode on L-mount cameras. Likewise, they will be fully compatible with in-camera image stabilization and will communicate with the camera bodies its focal length to ensure proper performance in this area. The L-mount Art lenses will also be pre-loaded with lens correction details which can transmit that information to the camera and allow for in-camera fixes for aberrations and distortion.

Below are the 11 Sigma Art lenses coming to L mount.

Each of the 11 Sigma Art L-mount lenses will feature a brass bayonet mount and rubber sealing for weather resistance.

The ship date and confirmed pricing for these has not been set yet.

Sigma Mount Converter MC-21

These new MC-21 mount converters will allow Sigma lenses with a Canon EF mount or SA mount to attach to an L-mount camera. In total, there are currently 29 Sigma lenses that will be available to use with the converter.

Sigma Mount Converter MC-21 lens compatibility chart.

While AF-S autofocus will be possible through MC-21, AF-C continuous autofocus will not work. The mount converter also has lens data pre-loaded to optimize all combinations of lens to camera body. EXIF data is also transmitted through the adapter.

The MC-21 mount converter features an LED to notify the user of its compatibility status, on/off state, and when there is a new lens firmware available. It also has a tripod mount to use for lenses that do not already have one built in.

As with the lenses, the shipping date and pricing for the Sigma Mount Converter MC-21 is still to be determined.

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michaeljin's picture

Yay for any Panasonic S1 purchasers. They'll actually have good glass that they won't have to sell a kidney for.

Great move by Sigma to create an instant inventory of quality lenses.

So these will work with the Sony A7III too right?

Ryan Mense's picture

I think some of these are already available for Sony E mount? It was one year ago around WPPI they announced they'd have E mount versions of their lenses.

David Pavlich's picture

I would have to think that they are working on a super telephoto like the 60-600 as well.