The Sony a7 IV Will Be Announced on October 21

In line with rumors that circulated back in August, Sony has confirmed that it will unveil the much-anticipated a7 IV on October 21.

The arrival of the a7 IV has been greatly discussed over the last year with customers pondering for months whether to buy an a7 III or hold out for its replacement. While trusted sources of insider information have remained quiet about the a7 IV’s appearance, Sony China is said to have inadvertently leaked a photo, with other nuggets of information also creeping through. Finally, Sony has confirmed that the announcement is imminent.

Several rumor sites have reported that shipping will begin during the first week of December. Slated specifications are a brand new 33-megapixel sensor offering 15 stops of dynamic range, a 3.69-million-dot EVF, a fully articulating screen, and 5.5 stops of in-body stabilization. It’s thought that 4K30 video will be oversampled from 7k and the body — expected to be the same as the a7S III — will have a full-size HDMI port.

The price remains uncertain but somewhere around $2,500 seems reasonable.

Given the current problems with supply chains, logistics, and the availability of microchips, even if the a7 IV becomes available to buy in December, it might be many months before customers get their hands on their purchases. The aforementioned a7S III, released just over a year ago, is currently back ordered with B&H Photo estimating that more stock will arrive in December. Many products from across all camera manufacturers are currently being affected.

Are you excited to order the a7 IV? Let us know in the comments below.

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I am hyped for this.

I on the fence about selling my A7r4 for this.

i have been waiting for that. 32 MP is reasonable in all ways. Still 2499 is optimistic, I would expect 3000 usd. Every upgrade adds to price.

Bring on the A7R-V, 100MP, dual card slots SD/CF Express, 8K60 at 12-bit RAW, USB-C charging, lighting fast auto focus that makes you want to slap your mama, eye blink detection, and will automatically apply sky replacement to your crappy landscape or environmental photos.