Sony Overtakes Nikon to Become Number Two Camera Company Behind Canon

Sony Overtakes Nikon to Become Number Two Camera Company Behind Canon

Sony has been aggressively coming after the camera market for several years now, and it seems their efforts are paying off, as they have now overtaken Nikon for the second position behind Canon.

Nikkei is reporting that Sony is projected to have overtaken Nikon in digital camera sales for this fiscal year. This comes on the heels of reports that the company is projecting a loss of $92 million, revised down from projections of a $110 million profit. Much of this bad news for the company has been attributed to their hesitancy to enter the mirrorless market, which allowed Sony a lot of time to jump ahead in market share and innovation. In the meantime, the company plans to invest approximately $92 million to restructure in an attempt to turn the ship around. 

All this being said, all three major companies are still trending downward; Sony is simply trending downward at a slower rate. It is likely that these numbers will eventually level out however,, as there will still be steady demand from professionals and advanced amateurs, and Sony has said in the past that they intend to be the number one camera brand by 2021. It looks like they're on their way. 

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christopher gilbert's picture

I think most companies are like this to be honest, at least as far as communication with their customer. They'll listen to what will make them money and abandon what isn't worth their time. Case in point--A-mount. Though I will say Nikon hasn't exactly had their finger on the pulse of the photography community. The Nikon 1 series.. their action cams.. it's been rough for them.

I also moved from Canon Rebel, 40D, 60D, 7D and 7DMii to Sony A6000 and A6500, mainly for weight as traveling with 3-4 lenses was no fun. However, now with Sony mirrorless, good pricing, lens availability and much lighter, I do no see myself going back. I do like Canon, over 15 years with them leaves you with great emotions; yet as their mirrorless might be light, their lenses are heavy, their technology not yet up to par and the future very uncertain.

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It’s so funny to see all these sony users so happy. But almost none who are commenting in here shows one picture. What do you do with those things?

cause Nikon DSLR shooters are so happy with their DSLR's that they dont feel the need to upgrade to the Z series or jump to Sony. something i dont read back is that the lens base of Nikon and Canon is bigger than sony. they have more F mount and EF(s) mount camera's sold in the past that both brands out sell Sony. i wont buy a new Canon camera (i own 4 Nikon's) but i will buy a new Lens for that old canon. and 3 for my Nikon's.

There for i vote to boycot Sony, just boycot Sony. thumbs up if you dont agree with me

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I would't be so down on Sony tho, Nikon woulldn't be anywhere without them.

i strangely disagree with you. with all the sony recalls im supprised it hasnt affected Nikon yet.

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That's got nuthin' to do with sensors. At this time, Sony makes 100% of all the sensors Nikon uses, whether it's an off-the-shelf sensor or one Nikon designed. Nikon is nothing without Sony.

im sorry son, you are wrong. sony sensor is not sony camera or what ever they are called. as you might have notice the D850 is 45.7megapixel, sony doesnt have that. the fact is that Nikon develops their own sensors in almost all cases with the exception of the Z8 which is the same sensor as the A7R4 but with better software and processor. sony only produces the sensor in some cases. like iphones are actualy chinese made (Foxconn) doesnt mean apple is depended on foxconn. some nikon sensors are manufactured by sony but not designed by sony. other sensors are manufactured elsewhere. bit like apple using samsung parts, ironic. or Dell monitors not made by Dell and your mcdonalds hamburgers not coming from a mcdonalds farm. as a company you decide to invest in a manufacturing plant or choose to outsource this. like BMW mini's not being made by a BMW plant by an external factory (near me actually :-) ). as a company you have core activities and non core. core you do yourself and non core you can outsource. like i said, apple doesnt manufacturen their iphones nor do they design most parts that go into them.Apple only does the design and OS. Apple doesnt even do the processor anymore, they buy that from Intel. doesnt mean they are depended on Intel. wouldn't be surprised if they build a mega Mac based on the AMD Threadripper 3990x or 3950x. now that would be a monster. might build it myself for shits and giggles.

Spy Black's picture

Nikon has no fab plants, they don't manufacture sensors. It ultimately doesn't matter to the end user, only to Nikon which, at the moment, is completely dependent on Sony for sensors, whether it's an off-the-shelf model or something Nikon designed. Hopefully in the future Nikon can get other fabs to start making sensors for them.

maybe you should read my post first before replying. your post reflects the lack of knowledge in outsourcing production, which all large companies do. from Apple to Microsoft and Dell. Nikon isnt depended on Sony, they only source certain goods and services from Sony, like sony does for its products and services. Sony won a contract of producing a sensor Nikon designed. like Nike who doesn't actualy glue their shoes themselves but has manufacturing outsourced to Bangladesh (child labour) and Indonesia.

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Maybe you should realize that, until they do otherwise, Sony supplies all the sensors Nikon uses at the moment.

maybe you should read my posts before reply. or you are either stupid or trolling.

A company that can put the D850 on the street can certainly build an incredible camera. But it is a titanic expense to go to Nikon when Sony is so responsive and producing such vibrant energy in their products. Nikon needs to be there. We will not have as aggressive and responsive competition without their excellence. Canon is beleaguered now by phone cameras for performance and genuinely easy to use connectivity to the ways people are using photos. Nikon we are pulling for you. Get fresh blood and innovative thinking in the R&D and marketing departments. Breathe deep and come back to life!

sony has a product life cycle of i believe 2 years. im expecting the A7-4 to come out soon. im waiting for that one. a thing i noticed between Sony and Nikon is that nikon is build like a tank, they are build to last. sony feels less so. i hear this also from pro sport photographers. they basically are saying that the tech is better but they are not build to be used hard. weather sealing was a thing they mentioned on camera release A7R-4. i expect that when i pay such a high price for a camera that it is weather sealed. if you have to go to a war zone or demonstrations in the street or riots. what would you rather have. a light sony camera that is easy to carry or a D5 that is build like a tank but wont fit in your purse. personally i would opt for the D5 because i dont have a purse. having this said, i will buy a sony besides my Nikon gear just for video. love the Nikon colors,.