Tamron Just Teased a Mysterious New Zoom Lens for Sony Full Frame Cameras

Tamron has forged a reputation for making some excellent glass for Sony cameras over the last couple of years so news that it has a new zoom lens in the pipeline is always exciting. What is this new lens going to be?

Details are scant at this stage, prompting a lot of speculation from Tamron and Sony fans. The little that we have is from the 18-second teaser video which contains only Japanese text. My Japanese is a little rusty but, thanks to the internet, the text roughly translates as “delicately depicts any scenery.” No doubt the subtlety of this translation is somewhat lacking, but what is Tamron hinting?

Since releasing the incredibly successful 28-75mm f/2.8 two years ago, Tamron has been transforming the Sony ecosystem by offering excellent quality glass with very intelligent compromises, and Sony shooters will hope that this will be in the same vein. From the size of the lens suggested in the video, we can guess that this has some reach. Now that its trinity of f/2.8 primes has been completed with the arrival of the 70-180mm f/2.8, is Tamron about to produce a lens that offers an alternative to the versatile 24-105mm f/4? Or maybe it is planning to produce something with a bit more reach?

100-400mm f/4? 24-200mm f/4? Perhaps something even longer but with a variable aperture? If you have some ideas, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Carlos Dacosta's picture

24-105 or 24-120 or thereabouts but with a fixed F/3.5 throughout the range vs F/4 offered by sony / canon. That would be amazung. Dont really need a 2.8 as it would weigh quite a bit more and it would be unbalanced and front heavy like the other 24-70 f2.8s available