Tiny but Powerful: A Review of the Sony RX100 VII

Sony's RX100 line of cameras has evolved into a powerhouse packed into a tiny body, making it a great option for photographers who would like a camera they can drop in their pocket on the go that will still deliver stellar image quality. This great review takes a look at the latest in the line, the RX100 VII.

Coming to you from The SnapChick, this great video review takes a look at the Sony RX100 VII. I had the very first version of this camera, and I absolutely loved it. It was a highly capable camera that easily fit into my pocket, making it something I wanted to take everywhere I went. The line has only improved in the intervening years, and what is especially exciting is that the RX100 has gained a lot of the same autofocus capabilities of its a7 and a9 cousins, making it even more versatile and able to step into almost any situation quickly, discreetly, and with a lot of the features professionals demand. For me, it is the perfect choice in-between a full setup and my phone. Check out the video above to see if it is the right pocket camera for you. 

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Please don't do away with written reviews. I don't want to sit through 18 minutes of video material to pick out the salient content. I want to speed read.

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The RX100 series has excellent image, video, and audio quality, but they are fragile like eggs. If you drop one on a wooden or stone floor, chances are good it will be toast. I dropped mine twice like that, from about 2.5-3 ft, and it was toast. All my compacts have hit the ground on any number of occasions (my Canon G9X Mk II flew out of my motorcycle jacket across a highway in a crash), and they all kept on going.

Great review, fantastic camera

0:29 ...that's what she NEVER said.

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There are literally trillions of things she didn't she say @ 0.29. Which particular one did you have in mind?