A Trip Down Memory Lane

One of our readers sent us this crazy video that must have been shot 40 years ago because I don't recognize any of this technology. Apparently it was really popular back in the day and I think I've even seen some kids carrying these as they left a local Urban Outfitters. If only they could make one of these that uses both Polaroid film and a memory card maybe I could experiment with one. Apparently the creator of this video didn't watch our previous videos on enjoyable audio :(

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I want one too. Any one knows where to find them?

This was on Chase Jarvis' Blog. You can find them all over antique stores, ebay, etc. Good luck with film though. From what i have gathered they stopped making film and now it's absurdly priced on ebay and amazon.

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C'mon who doesn't remember the SX-70? Even as a young photographer, you surely would have seen pictures of it or read about it as part of your general photography history. I remember the two Polaroids my father had. One was a small white body that only shot B&W the other was a bit larger with a compressible bellows that shot color. They were precursors to the SX-70 and not quite as fancy.

What a great film. Still today, the making of, and invention of, polaroid is much of a revolution, maybe even better than many inventions of today. /P

When I was in grade school, the SX-70 had leather covering. Then came the cheaper, non-collapsible versions and the ones with the "sonar" autofocusing. I remember James Garner and Mariette Hartley hawking those things: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMLdL7MxZnA

7:35 old school drawing pins!
i know that's OT, but it's funny to think back to them

Seriously though, it looks like a lovely piece of engineering. I'm really impressed with their cobination of form and function

I have one these and 2 other Polaroids, they are ridicules fun to play around with. Strangely enough they cause quite a fuss from impressed spectators when I use them out, I think it's the "watch the picture mature in your hands thing". And btw you can now buy the film again from the very same factory that made the originals in Europe, not operated by polaroid anymore and they are making their completely own film. www.the-impossible-project.com

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I liked the video so much
I have another type of this polaroid with a less fancy focusing technique, but shoot color, I loved it and used it years ago, I checked it now and it is still working, but I only have one pack of film right now, neither the film or camera are in my country anymore

Also via Chase Jarvis' website....


~ Producing new Instant Film materials for classic Polaroid Cameras ~

Not cheap...but cool!

I first saw this at http://www.aphotoeditor.com/ on Aug 6th 8-) Good film worth repeating!

At one time EVERY wardrobe person in Hollywood had an SX70 they used to shoot actors wardrobe so that they could match the clothing (how many buttons buttoned on blouse, was the jacket buttoned, etc. Set dressing also used Polaroids.

I tossed my SX70 in the trash about 10 years ago, but I still have a Polaroid 2¼x3¼ back and a 4x5 back that are for use with a 4x5 View Camera. These backs use "peel-apart film, not SX70 style film. I can use Fuji QuickLoad reversal or negative film with the Polaroid 4x5 back. So it is still useful. BTW Polaroid also made an 8x10 back.

Joe McNally used the worlds largest Polaroid (40"x80") camera to shoot "Faces of Ground Zero" http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/photo/essays/vanRiper/011120.htm

Hey i have one!!!! :D its an amazing little camera. looks like a brick! haha. hopefully theyll start selling the film cheaper since thire coming back!

Hmmm, I wonder if you could convert one to digital? I imagine you would have to put the chip either right behind the lens, or, for dual function, up at the viewfinder. If anyone decides to make one, let me know!

Impossible Project used to have old expired film packs for $40. It's nice to see they have brought the price of new packs down some. Almost worth buying now.

this is amazing! i currently own 2 sx-70's and a 690 (similar sonar focusing version with built in flash) they are such great cameras and i recommend everyone to get there hands on one!

This video was made by the great tandem Ray&Charles Eames. Mostly known for their innovative and epochal furniture design - some regard them as the the 20th centurys greatest.
THere are more documentary/promotional videos of them on you tube.

Uhhh I didn't even notice the first time around that the film is produced by Charles and Ray Eames - This is a real historical treasure.