Venus Optics Just Unveiled Their Fastest and Widest Lenses

Venus Optics Just Unveiled Their Fastest and Widest Lenses

For Sony E-mount and micro four thirds (MFT) users looking for wide and fast lenses, look no further. Venus Optics has released two new lenses to help assuage your needs. Their new 15mm f/2 E-mount is the world's fastest E-mount rectilinear lens with a 110-degree field of view, and a fast wide open f/2 aperture promises to be an extremely fast and sharp lens. The 7.5mm f/2 is the widest rectilinear lens ever designed for MFT cameras, lending itself to extremely wide fields of view and wide aperture use for everything from cameras to drones.

Laowa 15mm f/2 FE Zero-D

Now for many people who have used a super wide-angle lens will note that many of them suffer from severe distortion due to the extremely wide field of view. This particular lens though, as mentioned earlier, is said to be one of the newest additions to the "close-to-zero" distortion lineup. What this means, especially for many professional and hobbyist architecture and landscape photographers alike, is that straight lines in compositions can now be retained with extremely wide fields of view without having to do a large amount of correction in post. Couple that with the f/2 aperture as well as the available 72mm filter thread means should you desire to use any range of standard thread on filters you can without the need to purchase a number of expensive or bulky filter holders. Making this lens a fantastic all around performer, and with its function designed for use with the Sony mirrorless camera systems, you don't have to worry about the camera becoming big, bulky, and more importantly, heavy — the lens weighs in at less than 1.1 pounds and only 82mm in overall length.

Laowa 7.5mm f/2 MFT

For you MFT shooters out there, Venus Optics has also rolled out something new for you as well. Introducing the 7.5mm f/2 rectilinear tailor-made for MFT, it's the widest lens designed for the small but powerful sensor. With this lens weighing in at 0.37 pounds and only taking up 55mm of space, this extremely wide-angled lens delivers 110 degrees of visibility and will be ideal for drone and aerial work when paired with MFT-equipped drones like the DJI Inspire with X5 camera. Additionally though, it also gives landscape and astrophotographers that utilize the MFT system a wide and fast lens to further expand their capabilities.

When can I get my hands on one?

Keep your eyes peeled early 2017 for these two lenses to hit the market. However, should you find yourself in the vicinity of Photokina 2016, you will find prototype models at the Venus Optics booth in Hall 2.1.

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"When can my hands on one?"

How is the 7.5mm lens "the widest lens designed for the small but powerful sensor" with a FOV of 110 deg?

Panasonic says its 7-14mm zoom has a FOV of 114 deg, and Olympus says the 7-14mm PRO has a FOV of 115 deg.

Maybe you meant widest rectilinear prime?