What Is the Best Camera and Lens Combination for Portraits?

If you’re pondering the perfect combination of camera body and lens for shooting portraits, check out this series of suggestions for budgets ranging from $1,000 all the way through to $10,000. What would you go for?

Chris Niccolls from DPReview TV has put together his list of ideas of what would make the best lens and camera set up to match a selection of different budgets.

Obviously, there is a huge array of factors that will go into a selection, and Niccolls leans towards slightly longer focal lengths than I would personally recommend, perhaps because I enjoy giving my subjects a bit more space and also because of the versatility of this single lens is also in the back of my mind. The full frame equivalent of 85mm might give more satisfying subject separation, but if you’re on a tight budget and relatively new to photography, something closer to 50mm will give you more flexibility. However, I’m inventing my own variables which is part of why drawing up endlessly debatable lists such as these is so much fun.

What would you recommend at each of these price points? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

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Tommy Lyles's picture

M10 & 90mm Summicron

charles hoffman's picture

Xt4 Fuji
56 . Mm

Jamal Mubarik's picture

Your headline is misleading. What is the best camera and lens? Please provide relevant information. Don't send me to another website with another author. Thanks

EDWIN GENAUX's picture

I like the way you play with selections and cost! BUT one thing you are accustomed to is just heading to a store/website with your $'s. In just the past 5 years Software has gotten so good, it is getting to be AI for the lazy, it is not so much gear anymore. During this virus thing I have gone back to 2010 images and played, you two should also. For under $1k I would head to a Goodwill or estate sale (here I get cameras handed to me). Example my old Canon T2i and the two kit lenses I got then for $800 is now close to free. Forget all the wiz bang stuff, your after increasing skill and knowledge of photography AND do no not forget SW processing. If you have ever been to Arizona where the very rich tourist (Chinese) are and have at least two NEW cameras swinging and have no idea how to use. Grand Canyon, stay a night or two and wait till 9am when the bus loads from Flagstaff roll in. You will see the swinging show and not how to use people. Proof money and gear to not make better images do not do it, at first for Auto mode is it if you look closely.