Which are the Best EF to RF Adapters for You?

You may be the proud owner of one of Canon's new mirrorless bodies or perhaps one of their preview releases, and want to use some of your old glass. Well, here are the best EF to RF adapters for different price points.

Canon's mirrorless range grew in size, but moreover, it grew in power this year. The EOS R and EOS RP were underwhelming toe-dips by Canon into mirrorless waters. That isn't to say they aren't good cameras that can be used in numerous applications to great effect — they are — but they were some way off the leading mirrorless cameras available. Now, with the R5 and the R6 being launched in 2020, Canon's mirrorless selection is far more appealing.

However, many photographers have been shooting with Canon for years, amassing many expensive and desirable lenses that would likely lose money if sold second-hand. Furthermore, you'd definitely lose money if you tried to replace them with brand new RF equivalents. For me, I wouldn't be able to part with some of Canon glass anyway. The Canon EF 135mm f/2 is a lens I've no interest in seeing the back of, no matter how many quicker and newer 135mm lenses surface.

In this video you'll learn all the EF to RF adapters available to you, how much they cost, and what they do.

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Dan Jefferies's picture

I bought the ring adapter for $200. The R6 has 3 dials to directly control iso, aperture and shutter. A hundred dollars wasted I didn't need another ring/dial. Oh well.

Steve White's picture

The one set of EF to RF adapters you won't be able to use are the Canon ones. Why? Because you can't buy them. They've been backordered for months. I occasionally see the control ring adapter available but it's gone quickly.

This is a relatively simple bit of kit and it's critical to help Canon bring their EF-using customers over to the RF bodies. Yet Canon can't seem to make them. What gives?

Dan Jefferies's picture

Yep. We bought the R6 and ring adapter and got it right away. Liked it so we decided to spend the $2800 for the RF 100-500mm. Took forever and got it one day AFTER the trip we bought it for. Had to use an EF 1.4x and 300mm. Worked OK but still that's not 500mm and we REALLY needed reach. Picked up the slack with an 80D and 100-400mm...