A Year With the Canon EOS RP: How Does the Budget Mirrorless Camera Hold Up?

The Canon EOS RP is a remarkably cheap full frame mirrorless camera and a great way to get into the Canon mirrorless system without breaking the bank. If you are considering picking up one yourself, check out this helpful video review that discusses how it holds up after a year of usage.

Coming to you from Brendan van Son, this great video review discusses his thoughts on the Canon EOS RP after a year with the camera. At under $1,000, the EOS RP is impressively cheap for a full frame mirrorless camera, and with an EF to RF adapter, it is an easy way to try out Canon's mirrorless system by using your current library of EF lenses. It is also a very small and lightweight body, perfect for traveling with. Of course, to get to that low price point, you will have to deal with some compromises, such as a slower burst speed and limited video capabilities, but if you are not looking for powerhouse features for things like sports or wildlife and simply want a competent stills shooter that can also take advantage of Canon's spectacular RF lenses, it looks to be an excellent option. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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Greg Edwards's picture

Hmmm, I think you have a different definition of the word "cheap" to me. Perhaps the term "inexpensive" would be more suitable.

Akhilesh Vanam's picture

Would like to invest..but wait for R6..