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Help! It keeps getting further from the thing in my head.

This was an attempt at a Leibovitz-inspired "scenic portrait". I didn't have the massive setup she uses. Just one speedlight to camera right.

I've edited this photo a dozen times and I feel like it keeps getting further and further from what I had in mind. What do y'all see in reguards to coloring, composure, lighting, etc... ?

New to Fstoppers

I've used it for reference for years and am a big fan of the videos that the Fstoppers guys put out, I thought that this little vacation time was finally an opportunity to create my profile. I plan on being more active in the Fstoppers community.

I'm from Southern California, but here's a recent photo from a trip to London.


Recent promotional shoot

I hope this is the right group I'm posting this in.

This image is from a recent promotional photoshoot I done in collaboration with a beauty salon owner and her popular product, and of course model Dautarė Pauliukaitė.

Shot through an 85mm Canon prime lens.
It was a one light setup, Octogon softbox was used in very close...


makeup artist @dianaharbymua
stylist @elceliemy
model : maya
modeling agency : @unnmodels
Studio: @cairocamerastudios

Monks on Smoke Break

I was at a ceremony here in Thailand, with seven monks presiding. It was actually funeral service. The crematorium was out in the forest; quite a lovely setting. After the ceremony was over several of the monks went off for a smoke break. I followed, showed them my camera and smiled and got this shot, which I'm very pleased with. Hope you enjoy...

Magician Portrait

Hi everyone,

This was took during my first photoshoot session and I want to receive some feedback.
If you can take 2 minutes and let me know what you think and maybe even give me some recommandations.

Thanks :)

Yakima River Cayon

Shot in the Yakima River Canyon in Washington State, the winter colors and sunset (by coincidence) worked perfectly with Rachel's style choice color pallet .

Smoke & Light

Hello all you talented people! This was my first time shooting in a couple months. After editing, I am very happy with the results! So, I thought I would share. This image was shot with natural ambient light (outside), with a gelled key light, and orange smoke for atmosphere.

Canon 6D
50mm 1.4
ISO 640...

Equestrian themed portrait in the country

" We had a fabulous day out , shooting this lovely teen and her family for an equestrian themed birthday. " We took a little trip up to North Saint Cloud, Florida. The whole family dressed in matching red,white & blue plaid.We posed the featured model with each horse, mounted and standing. She posed with both horses and also with the whole...

Framed Beauty


I just joined FStoppers and I am excited to be a part of the community. I am uploading some photos I took in the Mojave desert.

Not really sure how this work, but feel free to tell me what you guys think. I am going back there in a few weeks to shoot again. So some ideas would be great!

The Hayward - would like to hear critical analysis...

I tried to underexpose the background (it was strongly back-lit) a bit and filled the model with HSS. Wind served the hair blowing job naturally.

Even though it didnt do justice to boho look, it was an effort in styling.

Canon 100mm 2.8 on Canon 5DM3, f 2.8, 1/640, ISO 200, Godox AD200 as extra light source.

Opinion on Crops


I rarely shoot images of people, but had an opportunity last weekend to shoot some shots of my buddy, Will, while we snowshoed in Colorado. I took a shot of him that I really like and would appreciate your feedback. I'm torn if I should crop the image or leave it as is.

Please let me know what you think.


Renaissance Series

Taking another "creativity break" from my usual wedding work to dig up photos from a shoot I did last year with the amazing model Yoann Promonet (@yoann_savi on IG). This was shot in a park in a famous park in Montreal.Used an off-camera AD200 on a monopod shot through a softbox held by assistant on camera left. Post-processed and color-graded...

Portrait Shoot - Fairy Tale inspired

Hi Guys,
Totally new to the group, well Fstoppers in general. I just did a shoot over the weekend and was super excited and wanted to share. It was a portrait shoot, out at the Sekrit Theater here in Austin.

Let me know what you guys think.


Melvin Schoenst

MELVIN SCHOENST has been a cattle auctioneer since he could first say “moo”. While other kids played cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers, he and his brother played “rancher and auctioneer”, with sticks and stones as pretend cows, trying to see who could get their tongue round the words faster. At sixteen he auctioned his first real cow. Now...