Newbie here

I’ve had a camera in my hands for over 40 years, but decided to get serious about it five years ago.
Last: December 3, 2017

In thought

indoor model old vintage style
Last: November 8, 2017

Come here

Hi all, this is my first post here. Working in studio trying to achieve low key portrait.
Last: October 23, 2017

Fine art maternity

Matenity photography in black and white
Last: October 22, 2017

Black and White in Black & White

Hello, all. This is a concept shot I did recently. The idea was to convey energy and emotion, like love, lust, sex, and...
Last: October 2, 2017

The Body

Hello, Just making my 1st post here. I figured it should be a nude :) I look forward to learning more from this group.
Last: September 25, 2017

Black and White ambience

Hi everyone: I did a series of images with the same model in two different scenarios. The ones in white ambience were...
Last: September 17, 2017
Last: September 13, 2017

Couple shotos in abandon place

Hello. new here so is there that "Photos" cant see any photo or is this only here post photos. take time again when...

Nude Art

I tried the lights and pose made my mood.
Last: June 3, 2017


What do you think that? my web
Last: April 30, 2017

Tattooed Implied Nude

Hi guys, this is my first attempt with one speed light and a black background. Would love any feedback you have as I am...

Hair insanity

Hi there guys! Here is some shots from late 2016 ;) Feel free to visit my site, btw
Last: April 2, 2017

Light Writing

A couple of light writing image. One is outdoors with a flashlight. The other is in the studio with an LED hula hoop...

Help Me Dream I have a ton of really killer images that I shot in the process of making my last exhibition, “...

BodyScape 01

Fine art Photography: Marcos Domenech Models: Sakurako and Mamiko Kawamura Assistant: Aya Tanaka 2 female models, 1 Kg...
Last: January 8, 2017

New to group

Thought I would introduce myself and add a sample image from my work. Camera: Canon 7D Mark II Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55...

Sharing Some Recent Work

In this particular image I use a 2m Octagonal Softbox on a boom facing directly down on the model.
Last: January 3, 2017
Last: January 2, 2017