F-18 Hudson River flight May 03, 2022

Flight up the Hudson River, New York City, NY - apparently up to West Point, NY and back to ? They do this from time to...


What are your techniques to deal with slower shutter to blur rotors, ect.

Air Show Fun

AirExpo 2021 photos. I got to the airshow and the autofocus on my camera was not actuating for some reason so this is...

Aviation series

Another view on aerial/aviation photography. I wanted to work on other angles, and storytelling.

Minimalistic @ 30'000 ft

Beautiful pastel view over the Atlantic ( Amsterdam to Montreal Nov 2020)

Morning Sunrise

Again shot with my cell phone on morning as we passed through 12000 feet after all the checklists were complete. No...

Mirror Mirror

I shot this with my cell phone one evening before I left.

Just sharing some shots.

Let's grow this group a bit yeah?

Looking for constructive feedback

Personally I like the feel of this image even though I know it's not tack sharp, Am I off here or is the blur...

Airbus A320 Engines

At Gravelly Point, Virginia. A place to watch planes land.

Zurich Airport panoramas

Two panoramas taken whilst travelling through Zurich Airport on business. Both stitched using AutoPano Giga. First...

Cessna 560 Taking Off

I was walking through a swamp shooting birds and just happened to catch this big metal one with two engines soon after...

American Eagle Landing At Reagan National

As taken from the Georgetown Canal Trail.

Hi from your friendly Coast Guard Crew

Over Potomac River in Washington, DC.

Coast Guard Helicopter Over Potomac, Washington, DC

The Eurocopter MH-65 Dolphin is a twin-engined helicopter operated by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) for medevac-...

Decommissioned Gloster Meteor Mark VIII

This airplane rests near the Citadel in Dinant, Belgium.


Fast shutter

Local Showcase at an Airfield

There was a STOL landing contest and an EAA event for kids at a field nearby. After that was done, there was lots of...

I love the classics

One of the joys of a great airshow is the revisit of the legendary flying machines of old.

Airventure 19

This years airventure was incredible, new gear made it one of the best weeks I’ve ever had