Aviation series

Another view on aerial/aviation photography. I wanted to work on other angles, and storytelling.

Minimalistic @ 30'000 ft

Beautiful pastel view over the Atlantic ( Amsterdam to Montreal Nov 2020)

Morning Sunrise

Again shot with my cell phone on morning as we passed through 12000 feet after all the checklists were complete. No...

Mirror Mirror

I shot this with my cell phone one evening before I left.

Looking for constructive feedback

Personally I like the feel of this image even though I know it's not tack sharp, Am I off here or is the blur...
Last: January 23, 2021

Airbus A320 Engines

At Gravelly Point, Virginia. A place to watch planes land.

Zurich Airport panoramas

Two panoramas taken whilst travelling through Zurich Airport on business. Both stitched using AutoPano Giga. First...
Last: July 25, 2020

Cessna 560 Taking Off

I was walking through a swamp shooting birds and just happened to catch this big metal one with two engines soon after...

Coast Guard Helicopter Over Potomac, Washington, DC

The Eurocopter MH-65 Dolphin is a twin-engined helicopter operated by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) for medevac-...

Decommissioned Gloster Meteor Mark VIII

This airplane rests near the Citadel in Dinant, Belgium.

Local Showcase at an Airfield

There was a STOL landing contest and an EAA event for kids at a field nearby. After that was done, there was lots of...

I love the classics

One of the joys of a great airshow is the revisit of the legendary flying machines of old.
Last: September 11, 2019

Airventure 19

This years airventure was incredible, new gear made it one of the best weeks I’ve ever had
Last: September 11, 2019

Piper PA-28 belly

A Piper was doing circles around my home. Most likely a flying lesson. I like this angle because you can only see the...

Lots of T-6's

I happen to live right next to a T-6 hangar. Thus, I get to see them all the time.
Last: August 9, 2019