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The creation of...

This year I made it a point to set some time away from commissioned shoots to bring some personal projects to life. What better occasion than the life changing event of expecting your first child!! I always found maternity shoots very cheesy but wanted to announce the news to family and friends with something unique. I'm a huge fan of renaissance art and the theme of creation immediately made me think of Michelangelo's masterpiece, which I based the concept on. I staged this self-portrait with my wife. I then painted the background in post-processes and added the cracks from the actual fresco.

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Great shot man! Impressive blending

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Thanks man! :D

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What an amazing way to share both your talent and your good news. And congratulations!

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Thank you! Really appreciate it!

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excellent, I did the Gustave Courbet's "Origin of man" image and it was selected for a art show, and I'm working on Botticelli's Venus...

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Nice! Boticelli's Venus is also very very high on my list for a future project!!