First Portrait Session

Hey guys this is a shot from the first portrait session I've done. I had nothing but my camera and my subject. I welcome all criticism and hope to learn from the suggestions!

All the things I have seen

Hello Everyone!

My name is Alain. I am a French amateur photographer currently located in Macedonia.

I'm interested in meeting like-minded people and share experiences and points of view about this group's topic.

Thank you for your feedback about this picture.


Dark Beauty

This is a recent shoot that I did with a model/photographer friend of mine.

We explored the idea of having a dark beauty theme to the image.

The lighting setup consisted of:

700mm Beauty dish on the right as the key light
1.5m Strip Box on the left to soften the shadows
1.5m Strip Box placed low and in front of...

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

First of all let me introduce you myself, I'm Ruslan, a new member on and I'm from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I'd love to meet here people like me and kindly invite you all to see, evaluate my works which I'll be uploading frequently.



Hi all,
This is one of a series of low-key images i took going as dark as I dared. Comments are welcome.

Room 236

Room 236

Fine Art Photography: Marcos Domenech
Models: Aya Tanaka
MuaH: Noriko Okamoto

I had the pleasure to shoot Aya and Yuria together,
We find a Room in a Love Hotel in Shinjuku where was able to test my new camera body and try to control the...

Black Sludge

I don't know if this is still a portrait, but I post it either...
The full series is on my website:
Any CC welcome


just a photoshoot to help my MUA to build her portfolio

A7RII + 85mm
beauty dish + grid

CC weclome ^^

better quality

Tim and his Cat

Took this quite a long time ago of my friend. Just used the open doorway for light. I used 35mm back then. Added some texture to the image.

Experimenting with the crew

While location scouting we decided it was time for a new staff photo. Here is the outcome. Mostly composites of individual shots of each member and assets found on Google.