D behind bars

My actor friend Dave is always up to playing with me. We found this spot and thought it would be a fun image.
Natural light shot at midday.

First try

Not sure if this is the right group for this shot but couldn't find something closer. This was my first go lighting something like this and was wondering what I could do or add to improve.

Film Noir

from a recent photo shoot with a very talented actor.
one gridded snoot pointed at his face, and one light on minimum power on the background

lady in green

a portrait of a friend where im trying to find the way of reaching my subject. looking for the simplicity of a portrait.
mainly i would like to know what kind of a feel it gives?!


This shot was made at home and there was used "yongnuo", not an expensive flash and a soft box 60x60. Planning to shoot couple of serial shots.


new to the group and have not done much portrait stuff until lately this year- here are some of my images

Color Slection... Yay! or nah?

I recently did a shoot with a friend that makes gold grills for your mouth. We had always talked about making them high contrast black and whites. But when I was editing I started to bring back the gold in the picture.. Just on a creative hunch. I normally hate this look but I kinda liked what I was seeing. The grill maker loved it so I did a...

Shadow Play

I like to play with light and shadows. I found this "discard" shot from a few months ago and decided to give it a fresh look. I'm a beginner, so harsh criticism needed (I want to grow). I would like to build a style based on the emotions of this type of image, but keep getting hung up doing boring portraits to make money.

Would love some feedback - First shoot with a female model

I didn't have any females in my portfolio so I set up a test shoot with Justice. I painted a canvas backdrop that was 6 feet wide so I wouldn't have to worry about transporting a 9 foot roll of seamless. I painted the canvas with different grey acrylic paint adding texture with a sponge roller.

Camera was a Nikon D5200 with a nifty-fifty...

Sunny winter

As i begin to walk the path of portrait photography I really need some feedback which is really hard to find beside some "nice" "not bad" comments.
this shot was taken last sturday with a sweet actress and i was trying to get natural light with a fill of a speed light.
i would really love to have some feedback on it...