Tips on Effective Note Taking

Writing lecture notes is one of the common tasks of students. Writing lecture notes helps a student understand and remember topics discussed in class. In addition, having lecture notes helps a student get high grades. To help you understand lessons better and do well in school, below are tips on how to write useful class notes.

Tip 1 –...

Marketing Help

Hey all,
I'm new here but this seemed like a good place to start. I created a social photography website around the concept of the 52 week photo projects and I'm looking for ways to market it to other photographers. It's starting off as a way to encourage photographers to take the time to work on projects rather than just single images...

What is your top choice of marketing?

Share your top choice of marketing?

I'll go first!

This works for me, while I know if I was a full time business/photographer I would choose a different method, especially if I had more resources. Thumbtack is right now has gotten me most clientele. While its not much clientele I get, its something for minimal investment. Briefly...

Cover Photo Submissions/Contest

I don't want the same image forever set. I want to rotate images for we can feature some key members. Submit a photo that sends a message of business, generally or specifically to photography, or even about social media. We'd decide on the image based on likes/replies/comments to that image.